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Zuhair Murad luxurious Fall 2015 Couture

Paris Couture fashion week came to an end. Of course we were all finally thirsty in anticipation of an assault, and here it comes! Zuhair Murad luxury fashion house has appeared on the runway with a collection of beautiful pieces. This Lebanese Designer is known as one of the celebrity Favorites a fury and make talk endlessly in the media. We accept it with open hearts: Zuhayr solves the problem with a total of 200 percent. Expensive creations have turned majestically, including his Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Catherine Zeta Jones in fashion icons, representing beauty and sophistication of the body of a woman at its finest. Every time, when Zuhair show arranged a runway, we hurry to think that this is the edge of perfection; nothing will be made better ever on Earth. Still, we are wrong again! Today’s Zuhair Murad Couture fall/winter 2015-2016 fashion show gave him extremely talented back with the most delicate sense of style.

Zuhair Murad luxurious Fall 2015 Couture
zuhair murad fall 2015 couture collection

Have you ever seen the magic of a starry night? Yes, it’s gorgeous, so you know to appreciate the beautiful things with a new flavor. To the forthcoming reform impression to improve transformed Murad Hall of Le Palais de Tokyo into a starry night sky. Everyone is enthusiastic and positive asked: it’s time for the big event to occur. And here the first Princess of the night in a short black “starry sky” evening dress, which has this extremely gorgeous black Royal mantle. Then come incredibly beautiful black long, short dresses with huge amounts of gloss and shine in the eyes, which make everyone jealous on the models to wear. This time luxury was brought to its greatest extent, by all the beautiful details to the look. The Zuhair Murad Couture autumn 2015 is collection here please every palate with colors, shapes, forms, of honesty and morality. Art is accepted according to different principles and look from all angles. The collection, think how we all images from lists of Majesty top. There are pieces that still allows the whole body out of beam inside. The never-ending long legs women were by crazy classic pumps, create this limitless glory of a woman is not extended.

We have fallen for the overalls of the line. It is a sort of combination of comfort, beauty and style, and show that a dress is not the only way the female nature at its finest. For a larger selection, the designer “Sister” has pieces from the same or similar colors and with different shapes and length. Expanded the royalty free touch of fur coats and collars. The models had crowns the heads literally ensures that they were the Queens.

Deep Rouge, sapphire blue, Aubergine, emerald green, red, violet, white, cream, black… Sounds like the opulent jewel colors have been enumerated. Nevertheless, they considered all smooth with colder shades, to send the details to the fore. Look at the blue dress, deep turquoise green dress V-neck with open mid chest, front high slit adorned with a thin silver belt or the blue dress with a leg with full length showing off. Ladies silhouette might be better not to be specified.

Make-up artists and hairdressers were certainly selected among those with the most delicate taste: the reserved light touch of the natural beauty of the models and their romantic waves a finishing touch to the goddess sees the models.

Discussing the Zuhair Murad Couture, the grand finale with a huge wedding dress is the most anticipated piece. We are once again fascinated by the Milky color, incredibly crafted by millions of glittering gems, reserved the righteous serenity of the dress, that our brightest imagery of fairy princess gown re-created. Her veil covers an entire universe of secrets and makes the prettiest bride ever.

We are speechless with this Majesty, splendour and magnificence. Zuhair Murad proved to be one of the most genuine talents of our time creating timeless pieces. After the show itself, the skeptical men are this agreed statement confirmed: “who run the world? -Girls! ”

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