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Zara Winter Fashion Trend Collection 2016

If you dream of a winter cocooning, fall fashion winter 2016 is here to serve you. This winter, fall fashion trends winter 2016 are quite clear:

Zara Winter Fashion Trend Collection 2016

Stay warm, multiply layers and bundle up.┬áThe parades winter 2016 has already given us some ideas on winter fashion items in 2016 during Fashion Week autumn winter 2015-16. The opportunity for us to have an idea about what he will have to wear next winter. Yes you are not dreaming till … The trends in winter fashion are already emerging as every fashion addict arise THE question:

Zara Winter Fashion Trend Collection 2016

What are we going to wear? Fortunately here we are on the spot and tells you a little about the style you adopt will need to be bang on trend fashion autumn-winter 2015-16.
Just to paint the picture of fall fashion trends winter 2015 2016 because you might take a trip in time. First, looking back taking only the best fashion of the seventies and eighties. However, we also like the spirit British countryside fashion that is made for us wear plaid jackets and Chelsea boots.
Some pieces fashion stand with shelf for winter fashion trends 2016. This season knit dress autumn dress will unquestionably winter 2016.

For example the wearing coat in winter:

As soon as the temperatures drop, the urgency, it is to find good coat that will keep us well to warm all winter.The coat is a bit your best partner of winter. Then left to take it out often, choosing it as well. Parkas, trench coats, car, jackets, leather within this RADIUS, you have only the embarrassment of the choice. The long coat which will be the star of the season and then there will be the Fur who had already tried to put last year. There will be wearing plaid and pleated XXL. There will patchwork and pea coat.
Material side, it will love the suede and velvet. Color side, we love vintage orange and green water but also the combination of black and white.

The fashion accessories trend autumn-winter 2016

In terms of fashion accessories, nothing new under the sun, yet! Backpack is democratized, sneakers and socks stick to the perforated boots are worn with socks. In short, nothing revolutionary on the horizon. It will love mules and do the collection belts. This winter, let it be said, all sizes are marked.
For the rest, we leave you to discover your desire the fashion tips and selections to the key shopping!

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