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Zara Latest Fall 2015 Campaign

Have you ever at home been sitting innocently viewing of the TV channels, when suddenly a song in your head? Not the whole song but a fragment of it making repeat this part and create a mental images what you have seen, while listening to this song. If so, you’re not alone: certain ads are so memorable, that they do not release will be remain in the head until you have to get a strong desire, what they show. Giant Zara’s main street his brand-new prepared fall pieces and a short clips that pop into your mind with the mysterious tune of his background by 2015 advertising campaign consisting of enchanting images of trendy. We see familiar faces in the fall/winter 2015-2016 Zara campaign: the show completely to take seriously the goal of Colin Dodgson features, the Argentine model and Prada muse MICA Arganaraz, who play lately in Dior’s autumn 2015 campaign and Adrienne Juliger the role of mysterious unspoken beauties was taken prisoner.

Zara Latest Fall 2015 Campaign
Zara breaks Internet with fabulous fall campaign-1

Of course for the campaign that surrounded chose Zara, an abandoned house with grass and plants, which have seized the area, and are to break through. Pose in a relaxed and dreamy way models long light chiffon dresses color palette with different colors and designs sport. There are transparent floral long-sleeved dresses with elliptical front open cuts, sky blue and rust sleeveless dresses with black trimmed tight neck and open cuts on the back of the waist, a Sangria black Over close dress with a wave-like collar. The autumn 2015 Zara collection contains a touch of loose casual and relaxed asymmetry, which shows in each piece: the oversized trench coats by brick- and -mahogany buttoned colors, oversized chunky sweater to every free movement of the body, to allow a line unwary variants strict classic beige long pants and skirts. These seem for every body type, that match will mean relatively cosmopolitan and not discriminatory, we should say. The curious dress curly mica is especially endearing: the deep cut V-neck, under arm angle cuts on top White thin strapped and with a geometric pattern on it unexpectedly attractive and right for everyday make it Berry Garnet rock.

Of course, Zara had the collection not only with clothes, so there are few but worthy accessories – a black leather saddle bag a cold coral clutch with no patterns or details on it, and a no less minimalist mahogany straight scarf with almost everything go select to set. The idea of the hair and makeup offered is heedless to the minimalist loyal spirit of across the Board with natural hair and “without makeup” – look.

Zara is a brand that we all love for his demands of consumers and offers relatively affordable pieces, trendy, fashionable and not force at the same time are. With this new collection, Zara lovers, one stylish looking for the next opportunity and save time out of your outfit to ruminate. As long as we all in the autumn and winter are very busy, we thank Zara for cares about our fresh effortlessly, but chic looks.

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