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YSL Rouge Pur Couture Kiss & Love Fall 2015 Collection

The coming autumn-winter season does not stop us delight: very soon Yves Saint Laurent brand launches limited collection Rouge Pur Couture Kiss Love Collection “& consisting of four labial lipstick in limited quantity.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Kiss & Love Fall 2015 Collection
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Kiss & Love Edition Lipstick collection for fall 2015-1

The entire collection is just saturated with love, for example, cases will be decorated with the image of the lips and on the fondant can be seen embossed in the form of kisses. Of course, the deep color is not the only dignity lipstick: it is composed of antioxidants and nutrients that provide care for lips. The face of novelties was the old muse and Ambassador Kara Wear brand.

The first lipstick in 1978 create a scandal bold and now a YSL symbol. Celebrate this symbol of femininity, Yves Saint Laurent leads with the limited edition Kiss & Love collection marked pink red, orange and naked love bites. The formula provides a rich, luxurious color and deeply nourishing anti-oxidant care. Lips are soft, supple and smooth. A simply captivating collectible.


01 Le Rouge – blood red

13 Le Orange – vibrant orange

19 Le Fuchsia – magenta purple

70 Le Nu – basic nude

Of the four lipstick colors, only no. 70 is a new ink formulation. The other three are all the old classics (dating as far back as 1978 and 1979) but repackages for this exclusive collection. Now to the best part: the packaging!

While your typical YSL lipstick that is just gold, have for this issue they covered the gold field in the Red KISSES brand. I saw three boxes on the display section in that House of Fraser ‘Gold Rush’ and was fascinated by the special packaging.

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