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YSL Rebel Metal Makeup Collection for Fall 2015

Here we have some interesting news for you! The thing is that one of our most popular makeup brands to official lunch new makeup line! Yes, we are talking about the new YSL rebel metal autumn 2015 collection! As you may have noticed, the new makeup lines for the upcoming fall season is all about breaking the stereotypes and YSL is make no exception. Thus, the brand comes with a fancy makeup line, which is completely different than what we have seen so far this time. Presents a series of alluring colors with an edgy finish YSL puts the focus on the wild, wild character of a modern woman and this is very exciting! Now, we take a closer look at the products, part of the new YSL metal autumn 2015 collection rebel!

YSL Rebel Metal Makeup Collection for Fall 2015
YSL Rebel Metal Fall 2015 Collection-2

Finally over the official YSL fall collections of photos, the beauty I have long seen the YSl Collections. I most enjoyed the nail design stickers, I buy a, because this is just the bomb, excellent for parties and special occasions, as well as the Promo photos I saw perfectly pravestą YSL eye line. Or is it the new kajal couture?

Couture Kajal


No. 1 Noir Ardent – timeless and edgy staple

No. 2 Bleu Cobalt – the subtle navy

No. 3 Bleu Petrole in petrol blue

No. 4 Vert Anglais in opalescent sheen of black infused with deep green

Couture Palette Collector-New Limited Edition & – eye shadow palette

Couture Brow-brow gel

Couture Brow


No. 2 Ash Blonde – great for blondes, it ensures a clear set that sublimes

No. 1 Brown-Glazed glossy brown that brings out the vibrancy of brunettes

Poudre Universelle Compacte Radiance is a new spindėsio offering Perfection powder, suitable for any facial hue, gives matiškumo and barely visible ‘ glow ‘ effect.

Gloss Volupte-lip gloGloss Volupte


No.51 RoseLurex in luminescent rose

No. 52-Violet-Sequins soft grey

No. 53 Rose Strass-metallic rose

Rouge Volupte Shine-lipstick


No. 34 Rose in Sound in pink with an undertone of coral running through it

No. 35 Fuchsia in Grunge – bright pink with a hint of violet grey

No. 36 Rouge in Rock in blood-red with a slight touch of burgundy

In my opinion:

The thing about it is I think I am? I liked. No, I’m really nepirksiu shadows and lipsticks, since this color is already well tired, red lipstick and eye shadow burgindiško wine has long been a kosmetinėje of all, really surprised, but it’s hard to really be tested, kajal couture and nail Design Kit will be my, such stickers is easy to use, and several have already been committed to the manicure, and indescribably beautiful view. And who is like you?I did it for a long time I was looking to the nail set that noticed even silver new containers, eyebrow gel (and what you can now to impress with eyebrow gel?) and new powders, which will need to be bųtinai tested.

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