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YSL Pop Summer Water 2015 Makeup Collection

Yves Saint Laurent is a standout among the most prestigious houses of Paris design and its accumulation of beauty care products is regularly unique in any other. With Cara Delevingne the ideal specimen of the accumulation of cosmetics YSL Pop water summer 2015, we went gaga for this first glance everything. Right now, all the pieces of the accumulation are filed as Nordstrom elite, however there is no data yet on parts, shades and the equations which must be regarded as limited version or are put deep roots on an immutable principle. It is only accessible with Nordstrom, in which we ask for now and wait for delivery until the end of the month.

YSL Pop Summer Water 2015 Makeup Collection
YSL Pop Water latest Summer 2015 Makeup Collection for women – Copy

No matter how hard he appears to get it and the way that there is no chance to get to the pleasure of the moment is grinding on the nerves, it really pass that we cannot resist on the occasion of the new YSL cosmetics line which incorporates metal liquid eyeshadow, pure nail polish of love and stains of shimmery pink-nu reflexive plumping. Gather around to see the first YSL was 2015 makeup Collection that offers a variety of new products for lips, eyes and nails. New sensation of colors for lips and eyes, just what I want to wear this summer. I am looking at the new YSL Pop iced water stains and colours are well to the top of my driveway, so I can’t wait to see them in person, swatch them and take home with me. Discover the right makeup YSL Collection throughout the summer 2015 after cutting.

Nail Polish lacquer of Couture ($27.00)

Yves Saint Laurent Couture lacquer is a new generation of nail polish that is practical and elegant and is presented in a glass bottle smooth, elongated printed with the timeless logo. Available in mode-inspired hues ranging from subtle and natural dynamics and dramatic, Nail Polish provides a finish of high-brightness for an instant touch of glamour. Its long lasting formula contains the rose oil chil, which fortifies, moisturizes and protects nails from chipping and cracking. Lacquer dries quickly and apply evenly without stripes and is equipped with a new brush to measure that allows a quick and easy application. Colour adheres perfectly to the brush, pulling the formula instead of pushing for a flawless and intense result.

Wet red (63)
Fuchsia Rain (64)
Pink Splash (65)
Orange Drop (66)

Eyeshadow liquid Shadow Full Metal metallic color ($30.00)

Yves Saint Laurent Full metal shade is first metallic liquid eyeshadow brand. Pigment-packed formula lasts up to 16 hours without creasing, peeling or discoloration, and contains 40% water for a cooling effect and the gain of pure color. An exclusive applicator allows you to create three signature looks, including a full cover, just the line, or a graphic look.

Splash grey (01)

Silver water (02)

Taupe Drop (03)

Wave of sand (04)

Coral steamy (05)

Pink cascade (06)

Copper water (07)

Gold dew (08)

Misty Green (09)

Blue (10)

Rouge Pur Couture Plump high gloss stain ($36.00)

Give your lips effect instant push-up with Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture varnish to plump lips high gloss Stain. The toning, moisturizing formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and gives your pout a fuller, more voluptuous shine that lasts up to six hours.

Re-inflate (200)

Pop water bright spot ($36.00)

Splash in summer with newest shiny tinted Yves Saint Laurent, Pop of water. The third revolution under the bright spot, water Pop franchise is formulated with burst of water, offering 10 hours of hydration and a translucent pop of color. Cooler features a unique angled tip and short soft hairs that allow an application without fault and perfect accuracy.

Dew red (201)

Splash red (202)

Water of coral (203)

Wave Rose (204)

Pink rain (205)

Misty Pink (206)

Juicy Peach (207)

Wet nude (208)


Pre-order now at Nordstrom; some products are show 3/16 as the date they will be shipped and others demonstrate 3/31.

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