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Wildfox Couture Lookbook for Spring 2015

Wildfox Couture spring 2015 Lookbook inspired “Gypsy”. The Lookbook really gave the feeling of a free spirit. Scroll through the pictures, I felt as if a story had three best friends, who live to enjoy, together is told without a care in the world, was. It gave me such a soothing and nostalgic feel, makes me warm climate and carefree long clothes. All images included in the Lookbook were beautiful and the accessories chosen really pulled together look. The setting was perfect for the theme.

Wildfox Couture Lookbook for Spring 2015
Wildfox Couture The Feel of Summer 2015 Lookbook-17

Our collection of summer is finally here, and clothing hits the shop first thing tomorrow morning, WILDFOX.COM and products are becoming more and more in the next 3 months! So cute and easy to throw so many things with your friends for a beach trip! I wanted the collection feeling a simple summer beach remain House novel, with female characters have addictive to read in her Beach House in the Hamptons, they are 70 years New York, the Woody Allen about would have owned. I also wanted to convey the true feeling of summer, what it is for me. Barefoot on the back way out on the beach, return to the House after a long day in the Sun with large easy T-shirts and easily sunburned skin. I love the summer, If all of your girlfriends in the House and wet bikinis are scattered in the shower, sunscreen and perfumes in the sink of the whole counter, the smell of bacon on the 11:00… Dad sings in the kitchen, and only freedom, nothing, maybe a little shellfish market buy a grocery store on the corner and blasting of Frank Sinatra in an old cottage do family. I love in the summer when you were out late with the girl and wake up together in bed, sand all over the sheets, still apply your swimsuit with only a hoodie over it. Summer is magic. California has almost a permanent summer and lets you grow here with tons of unforgettable Beach memories, but what I really love is the beach… the parents’ House, the you in lazing and calls the nights Campfire to organize boys for hours.

Wildfox the feeling of summer 2015 collection includes Couture beautiful beach jumper, the baggy and printed top with lobster. We have also the Hampton Stripe lifeguard tank worn by Aurelia in a light blue color, to knock the night camp with the bridal shorts that stick tip on the side and with a mostly sheer stockings gorgeous pair combined. The collection contains some sportier pieces, if you choose the soft bed with Jose fine, in a Jersey tunic, the WF emblazoned front, has cut off from coming into a Navy on white combination, while the Cat Club with the 1983 Southampton Middle tea is celebrated, briefly, and comes in a red on grey soft look to move, coupled with some really tiny shorts , more like a bathing suit itself. The glasses, which is added to this collection gorgeous and trendy, oversized, but with thin frame is a combo of cat-eye with rounded glasses, that that nerdy but adorable look which lends so totally in.

My muses were absolute CA 1970, and also my friends in school, which are simply stunning and wild… we were Dianne Keaton to stop no longer in the summer .Honestly, I could not believe that through a paragraph, that is, why I was obliged to write a short story. I hope you like it!I love this version of Michael Buble, I know it’s corny, but it’s so good to feel summer to me.

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