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The leaves will be certainly Brown, and that the sky will be undoubtedly grey – if you are currently in the northern hemisphere – so vicarious life is where it is, as we chart “Pacific Coast Dreams” for the Wildfox Couture on the beaches and Sun OFF stop drenched California State Route 1.

Wildfox Couture Latest Swimwear Collection 2016
WILDFOX GETS PACIFIC WITH CRUISE 2016 collection-11_800x539

Swimwear focused, with a jet on friendly swimwear, swimming and croisieriste parts 16 turns cute prints and patterns through a pieces, rompers, bikinis, shift / dresses, headbands / tank tops and tees.

Even if you’re knee-deep in snow, a peek on the 16 of Wildfox cruise collection will put you in a mindset of California. THE basic etiquette brings life of West Coast customers in the world with a blink of eye for the 1990s.

Costumes are covered in prints PEPS – think hearts, flying and even some Tie – Dye, while the jerseys are given a nostalgic touch, thanks to knit maxis and floral print rompers. Whether you’re a dreamer of the Pacific coast or just dream of the Pacific, soak up the inspiration with a first glimpse of the lookbook here – and begin to chart your holiday wardrobe now.

As in a perfect Katy Perry California Girls remake version, Watkins and Asmus prove to be comfortable with what they are wearing, showing off their toned physics on the beaches of California State Route 1. Their cheerful vibes had probably affected by free spirit of the collection thus, patrons without worries and languid lines being absolutely perfect for those who want to stay at the beach all day, play volleyball during the morning and cold while having a picnic fire in the night.

Bikinis and swimwear in the Wildfox Couture swimwear collection foyer 2016 on diversity, as they come, with different impressions and reasons girly-cute and applied. About prints, can be found both designed user-friendly models as hearts, flowers and ice cream, as well as more conventional and low profile Uni prints. Rompers, maxi and midi dresses, tank tops and flared t-shirts come in these impressions, also slightly exploring boho-chic influences from next summer, treat us floor-length white dresses embroidered, for example. These influences also affect the collection was hats and round sunglasses, the dramatic version oversized as everything sunglasses trends coming summer 2016.

Some of the protagonists of most emblematic and coolest in the collection are many ruffled bikinis, the hives with also balancing figure and might help those who are not happy with their safest get silhouette of it. There is also a range of Trikinis included in the collection, cuts adding a sensual touch of femininity all at the same time evoking the sporty-chic characteristic ease.

A more urban-chic version of the traditional impression of inspiration Seventies psychedelic tie-dye embellished two of the key elements of the collection, which could be easily combined with a pair of denim shorts and a senior of the line-up. With regard to the floral and botanical prints, was really an embarrassing array of options to choose. For those looking for romantic elements, these cute daisies may be the best choice, while those looking for more designs adapted to the user should certainly consider buying one of the floral swimsuits for the Wildfox Couture light blue.

Last but not least, if you go directly to a day at the beach for a part of the pool, there is a long Midnight blue dress embroidered with a dramatic front slot just waiting!

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