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Why Do You Need a Toner For Skin

Here are a few causes to use a toner every day:


Cleaning of your skin is a very difficult task. A unique product or wipe won’t work, especially if you make your skin go through everything that contouring, blushing, bronzing, foundationing steps (a lot of product for a sensitive tissues such as the skin).

Thus, a toner will remove makeup remains the makeup remover and cleanser failed. Believe me, there are many clean after a cleaner (any irony that sounds). If you have been sitting on the couch for awhile, there might even be some dust on your skin that needs to be cleaned, and we are not joking on this subject. Serious business!

Why Do You Need a Toner For Skin
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An Excellent Antiseptic:

Toners usually have great antiseptic qualities. Not only they remove dirt, but also to protect your skin from bacteria and infections that you may have taken during the day or night. If you have any hormonal or serious health problems, this will protect your skin against acne.

Neutralize Hard Water:

A toner prepares your skin for a bunch of activities of heavy work (whether it’s make-up or hard just water). Even if you’re about to wash the face with water, which seems to be a very sweet thing to do, it will still affect your skin and a toner protects you against all the severe side effects of… EH well, water.

Restore the levels of Acid-Alkaline

The level of acid-alkaline, also known under the name of the pH value, decides how sensitive and dry your skin is. When they are exposed to a number of environmental stress, exposure to the Sun daily, your skin may need additional assistance to restore the balance. Toner does the work every day… twice.

Preparation for Skin Care

We mentioned above. Your toner moisturizes your skin and prepares it for any imminent application provided in the routine. This includes makeup for time morning and creams for your routine at night.

These are all the advantages of a regular toner which do possess no superpowers other than those mentioned above. However, if you have a problem that strikes the eye and you’d do anything to get rid of him, it is a whole new range of toners for help. You can find toners designed to deal with a specific problem such as hydration, nutrition, clogged pores, inflammation and more.

You think that the world is also a great place to live with so many products at your disposal. However, even if you choose a toner that has the ability to solve your problem, make sure that the rest of your routine reacts negatively to it. For example, if you use some oils such as tea tree oil to treat your acne, try to avoid the use of a toner with salicylic acid, since these two products are intended for the same purpose and could get in way mutually; you don’t want your skin to be battlefield.

An easy way to bypass these dangers is to consult an expert care or choose your products of the same line. In this way, you’ll know you’re after the script and avoiding harmful improvisations.

Using a Toner?

Get your toner after you are finished with the phase of cleaning. Spray the toner directly on your face (if it is a spray toner) or use a cotton swab to rub the liquid. Use circular motions for the application.

If your skin is very sensitive, you can ignore the wadding and use a more gentle method of application – your fingers. Make sure that they are clean from any product, dirt and you have not touched anything which could be a host for bacteria.

Use the technique of massage face when you apply the toner. Move the proceeds of your Chin on your cheeks to stimulate your blood circulation and the glands. Repeat the same motion from your forehead to your temples. Apply in circles on your cheeks, around the eyes (not the ring zone) and around the mouth. It is a good cleaning and relaxation in one.

It is important to remember that the toners are not exclusively for the face. If you are going to use it on the skin of the face, which is extremely sensitive, make sure that check the label. You can never apply a toner body on your face, it’s a taboo! But you can easily apply your tonic lotion to your body.

If you don’t mind not invest more funds in your skin care routine, download both products. I think it is needless to say that if you notice redness or irritation after you have applied your toner, you must stop using this product for ever and ever. Have a second look at the list of ingredients, and we guarantee you that you will find the reason for it.

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