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Why Cucumber is Best Friend of Your Skin

Most of us enjoy cucumbers, without knowing the miracles it does for our skin. Here is why should be an integral part of your skin care cucumber.

Why Cucumber is Best Friend of Your Skin
why cucuber should be used for your skin-1

Cucumbers are known because of their general health benefits often referred to as the Super foods. You have become just as important in the diet and skin care. The vegetable contains 90% water with important nutrients such as vitamin C and Caffeic acid, which helps supplement to soothe, hydrate and our skin and in turn reduces irritation and swelling.

Amazing Ways to Use Cucumber:

Why Cucumber is Best Friend of Your Skin
why cucuber should be used for your skin

Here are some amazing ways to use the cucumber for healthy skin.

1.Tighten the Pores

Cucumber is ideal as a facial toner. It can be mixed with rose water, raw honey or a few drops of lemon juice or you can do it by itself.

Apply the mixture all over your face. Leave for 15 minutes and with warm water rinse it. It tightens the pores immediately.

2. Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is fat by dents; it is usually on the thighs, buttocks, arms and belly. You can get rid of these dimples by mixing of cucumber juice with a tablespoon of honey, which you then apply to the affected area.

This contributes to the intensification and company of collagenase in the skin. This works also with wrinkles.

3. Increase your skin color

When the cucumber is mixed with fresh lime juice and applies as a face mask, this leaves your skin glowing. It reduces also scars and discoloration/pigmentation.

4. Handle Sunburn

It is cucumber to help, if you have spent too long in the Sun and find yourself with a nasty sunburn.

The cooling effect of cucumber is a natural way to soothe your skin and accelerate the healing process. Place cucumber slices on the affected area and then remove, if it starts to warm on the skin feel.

5. Reduce Dark Circles

Cucumber helps in lightening dark circles under the eyes. The antioxidants and silica found in cucumbers help to lighten the skin. Place two slices of cucumber on each eye and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. It really works!

6. Lighten yours Freckles

Grated cucumber can be distributed all over face and neck to reduce the appearance of freckles.

7. Reduce puffy eyes

Cucumber contains large amounts of Ascorbic acid, reduces water retention and therefore swelling.

Put just two slices of cucumber on your eyes. This method also helps to ease your tired eyes—especially when you stare at a computer screen for too long.

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