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Walmart Funny Pictures

Ahh, this is Walmart. Where else can I buy a pair of socks and a can of beans, buy a freight cart and a bill for $750? Remember the laughter you’ll run at Walmart late at night as a teenager in pajamas? Or what about the stress associated with moving around a large cart with grocery stores around the wild, unattended by children and capricious ancient people who are chasing a deal? If you understand the big box giant and believe you understand everything about Walmart, then get ready to get 20 crazy Walmart facts to shake your socks.

They are going to completely change the way you see your favorite online store for everyone!

Dress to Impress

Go to the club?

Make sure everything is in order, and first hit the local Walmart, making sure that you are smiling (and only smiling) at the camera.

Oh No Thanks

Only at Walmart…

Walmart’s logo is Smiley, an AKA emoticon that lowers commercial rates. The emoticon icon was used in promotions from the 1990s to 2006.

But in 2009, a Belgian designer sued them, claiming that he had the rights to the emoticon icon. In 2011, Walmart and the designer settled, and in 2016, the signatory returned to the stores.

Walmart funny Car Park

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