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Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection

After a moment of disbelief suspended the ongoing soundtrack performed by a group of musicians, invited to Vivienne Westwood titled between them. The howling primeval going to the sound of electric guitars appeared to be the wreckage of civilization after doing echo through the stifling air of an office building.

Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection
Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2015 women Collection at Paris Fashion Week-22

Pants for women, dresses for men? :

The show was called unisex. It was, according to the notes which were distributed, happening at the same time as time to act, a demonstration requesting a stop to climate change, which took place in London. A militant spirit certainly ignited the presentation, but it was so confusing that it was confusing. Pants for women, dresses for men? When was last time was even worthy of mention as a thing? The notes have hailed ‘bisexuality’ in a hula skirt. Chew on that one for a millisecond, perhaps while you reflect on the first glance, a matching jacket with floral pattern and Red grass skirt.

Sparrow of the metal fringes:

The collection? Imagine this: it’s the morning after the night before. Flash-induced epilepsy jar you awake and on the back of your head, you hear the cries of throat-tearing of tape of last night still in the casting. Bunch of people and piles of clothes laid, still convalescent as Sparrow of the metal fringes moves gently above. Someone seems to have drawn on your face with a Sharpie. And is this a dodgy tattoo that you don’t remember? A little embarrassed, you reach the first garment under your hand. Three jacket sizes too wholesale, women strapless dress, the shreds of a hula skirt and a ceiling painted in showy flowers will do very well in the lid in place for now.

Floral prints and pinstripes:

Of course the show would end with a shared Kiss, because of course, that fairy tale does not stop in a fortunately always then? But the way we run on mad hatters and Red Queens, sexy wicked and teachers of the zombie, wolves in sheep’s clothing as well as the dwarves with hearts, sweet but no sense of style; you meet all types of characters that would be living in an enchanted, forest while the Gentiles also appear along the way to guide one through the mazes. Floral prints and pinstripes, satin shirts and grass skirts, panties oversized and incredibly high hats, slots high thigh and miniskirts, onesie style jumpsuits and designs-fringed, multiple layers and wide lapels…

So many aspects to this collection:

There are so many aspects to this collection of Vivienne Westwood, the old English fashion designer of 73 known to have fashion punk and new wave modern in the mainstream, we can spend all night count them. It is a collection in which Westwood seems determined to break all the rules, stressing theme rather “unisex” clothes and bring them to the scene a line-up of not so ready to wear fashion since it may not possible to have a dark and baroque dress which raises far legs on struts form bat like wings. Regardless of the message she was trying to send with this, we found definitively all the fun show perfectly.

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