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Versus Versace Fall/Winter Collection 2015

Have been sitting firmly on fashion pecking order for almost 40 years, is much about Versace story in some ways rooted family heritage. 2015 has seen a little change of the guards throughout the industry as a whole, with the imprint of versus Versace is to adopt the latest brand of new creative director. The name Maya for the job asks his first collection for versus Versace debuting here by renowned designer Anthony,. The collection is informed by a youthful flair, which is embodied by rebel, military-inspired silhouettes and detailing. At the same time Maya makes also use of napkins Tartan kilt and slim-legged pants to create a versatile punk aesthetics.

Versus Versace Fall/Winter Collection 2015
Versus Versace 2015 FallWinter Collection-14

It’s been six years a temporarily helmed by Christopher Kane and Jonathan Anderson, Donatella Versace ideas lab in beta, but versus 2.0 is now available in the full version. For his first collection after confirmation as creative director showed Anthony Vaccarello, why Versace decided him to constant handling the sub brand Gianni grant was once the Donatella.

Diffusion lines are tricky beasts. Maybe it’s the word diffusion which causes the confusion, implicitly to dilute their codes, how they solve their price ranges a wider demographic contact instigating houses. Here, while certainly advanced – including a stark company-specific, essentially secular Hoodie mini dress – he declined the offer with plenty of daywear Vaccarello, below the main Versace-ness of the whole ramp.

The Tartan – on pleated pants for men, asymmetric mini Eden for women, and slouchy mohair was hemmed sweaters and scarves for both – he, loose homage to the London rockiness of a collection, said he that while thinking about Britpop, all Brett Anderson terms (although it not suede) part. It was a direct reference starring Kristen McMenamy from behind (in the long olive “Kilt”) back on Bruce Weber shot versus campaign in the day. This was rather ambient in honor of sub-brand code buttons barely there black crepe, pressure on a denim-Nano-rock and a fly-fronted chambray shirt much stronger by the shiny facies and Minx-military webbing Dévoré Greca deconstructs the epaulettes mirrored.

Eager riffing on the original, Donatella defined, rock-rebel code of this line has a double advantage, it defines a territory that overlap their own collections not to open with Maya and she keeps focused shoppable versus strong at the same time immediately. An East London see play party bands, drinks drunk tonight and the revelation of what is now planning Vaccarello, a long-standing campaign partnership with Collier Schorr as echo of Versace with Avedon and Weber. Despite the antagonistic moniker is compared to expect a useful additional satellites of the planet Versace. After the party, its next orbit at London fashion week with a full show find him in September.


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