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Vera Wang Best Fall Collection 2015

It is really very good news for you to realize that in our world everything is going to turn independent and multicultural views. The greatest achievements of the twenty-first century are racial approval, without gender limitations the free choice of style and mixing any detail of creation that one would think. Of course with this humanist trend without discrimination, many designers and fashion “directors” offer solutions devoid. The clearest proof of it is fall 2015 collection of our most beloved Vera Wang. This latest collection was incredibly mixture of masculine and feminine detail work. To fulfill the demands of modern and timeless fashion this fashion house has introduced minimalist ads in white and black colors. For this collection the designer invited very skillful staff. Patrick Demarchelier was the successful and talented photographer for this collection. The art director of the ads was pnamely who was also the founder and chief executive of Box Pascal Dangin and Josephine le Tutour and Binx Walton were two rising star models.

Vera Wang Best Fall Collection 2015
Josephine le Tutour and Binx Walton poses for vera wang collection 2015 fall winter

With minimal décor and detail work the pictures of the Vera Wang fall 2015 campaign are completely simple, though they can be called plain. The two models which pose in this collection once again remind us quite popular idea of sister-friend collaboration. Another important fact which we see in every picture is that with the watcher one of the models keeps direct eye contact, while the other model looks away to the side or down. Everything the pictures, the pieces, the skin color of the models even their hairs, kept in white and black. By seeing such attractive things we become just speechless as in literally everything the smallest details keeping the connecting idea. The knitted sweater, black knee-long loose coat, the short straight skirt with floral embellishment teamed with leather boots of an armor look more fascinating. The whole concept become more gorgeous by the strong enchanting features of the French 17-year old model Josephine and androgynous and irresistible look of the 20-year-old American model.

The view in the picture Look more striking where Josephine put on to show out her black lingerie manly suit and oversized loose classic straight pants with open midriff! In a long daring-open black V-neck dress the idea increased hundred times when we see Binx standing next to her. Binx wears as an overall dress which increases your spontaneous wish to get that stunning long black knitted sweater. This photoshoot supports our desire for Vera Wang’s collection and in this way Vera Wang got success in his mission.

Vera Wang Best Fall Collection 2015
Josephine le Tutour and Binx Walton poses for vera wang collection 2015 fall winter-1

We acknowledge that this collection stole our hearts in first sight though from the point of view of colors and effects this campaign cannot be called tremendously thrilling. We can resist not the gorgeous austerity that covers the pieces as also the hair and make-up with wavy rock ‘n’ roll medium hair and never get old Pixie who makes everyone jealous. So I would like to say in end that this is definitely the best collection of a genuine design, because there is no anyone who can offer such a variety of totally differing looks by using extremely limited palette.

Vera Wang Best Fall Collection 2015
Josephine le Tutour and Binx Walton poses for vera wang collection 2015 fall winter-2

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