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Valentino Fall 2015 Couture Collection

The sun sets in Rome and the voices of the choir are heard loud and clear, like the angels of heaven. It is a beautiful, spiritual attitude to the Valentino Couture fall/winter-2015-2016-collection presentation in Piazza Mignanelli. The collection was so incredibly as expected by Valentino genius minds – Maria Grazia Chiuri and Piccioli Pierpaolo, location of the venue moved from Paris to Rome, and the last stage of the couture fashion week come an end. Completed was overwhelming applause through the complete event to expect as dusk set in, and viewers the last bit of Couture, tasted until the winter season with presentation for the coming spring around rolls.

Valentino Fall 2015 Couture Collection
Valentino Couture FallWinter 2015-2016 Collection for women-19

Static runway photography not the panoramic impact of the scene, the huge wooden panel take the runway, dozens of women who came, their places, nicely in fragile lace dresses in many colors, which have revived the backbone of the economy of the Italian House of Chiuri and Piccioli. What you saw on the occasion of the opening of the new Valentino store, poetic collection a technically sensational, all of them, eveningwear and mostly was black. It had solemnity and something almost ritualistic how the designer would – worked by subject of thinking about their home town, and the House of Valentino Garavani, the former master of Couture, who was watching from the front row and Center founded.

There was no reason for concern. With the sunset at the ochre walls of Piazza Mignanelli and native Windows hanging, to take it as they did when Valentino shows even staged at this place was the setting as perfect as it gets. And the clothes were absolutely the situation immediately. A few people grumbled about the emphasis on black, but Chiuri and Piccioli had an answer for it. “Rome is just a little Noir, a little scary,” Piccioli said. Anyway, especially nothing just about the black stone, if were accompanied by Alessandro Gaggios striking gold necklaces pendants. Leather flowers trellised a sheer tulle Cape, while tiny pearls a top Gladiator dress substance added. And repeated arch motif on a floor-length, double face wool and velvet Cape? Straight out of the Coliseum walls.

An eagle, a symbol of Imperial Rome, clutching a Red Ribbon in its beak on the collection of the first dress. It was the same bird, the contractor on the ceiling of the House found the Roman Atelier during the recent renovation. What kind of a metaphor. There were ancient symbols on the entire collection, from the wheat stalks on a golden lace dress on the Griffin embroidery on a floor-length poncho. But you have to appreciate not be a historian, felt everything was how gorgeous or the connection between this city and the Couturiers. Chiuri and Piccioli, the wooden set on her victory lap rounded, stood the whole crowd for an ovation.

There was a strong, sometimes erotic and sucked all of this almost uncanny. “We wanted to show even the darkness that we feel in this city”, said Piccioli. Stunning, although it was as an achievement and a sensational fashion moment, he said, what he and Chiuri are most proud is the way, they were able to reach new customers, and what that means. ” We feel a sense of social responsibility in this. “We were able to expand, take our workshops on new people, and open you a new school to ensure that we have young people trained in all the skills we need.” He added that the average age of Couture customers who now are Mignanelli flocking to the House on the Piazza is 37. You are young. More of them will certainly be magnetized by the extraordinary spectacle tonight saw a collection, which in its own way, is another milestone in the history of the eternal city.

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