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Underweight Model Saint Laurent Banned In The UK

If you think about Hedi Slimane signature “look” during his career design and photography – dark, rock ‘n roll chic, which is inspired by youth and rebellion and an affinity for androgynous, ultra hip (and ultra thin) models – for Saint Laurent shot it, since he became Creative Director 2012 campaigns are far from shocking. However, the advertising standards authority (ASA) in the UK feels differently on the French label recent ad campaign and following complaints, it is forbidden, images, a “dangerously thin” model of the country have.

Underweight Model Saint Laurent Banned In The UK
Saint Laurent Ad Starring ‘Unhealthily Thin’ Model Banned in the UK

The ad in question was with 18-year-old model Kiki Willems, the ASA brought to attention appear in an issue of Elle UK. After registration, Saint Laurent campaign “focus on the model of breast, where her chest was visible and prominent appeared,” which was a concern because as well as her legs, “her thighs and knees seemed a similar width.” This thin is emphasized through their chunky platform shoes and after consideration of these factors together, the ASA ruled that Wang “dangerously underweight” appears in the irresponsible indicate that.

This decision comes on the heels of a number of international measures to protect of the models of unhealthy body standards. In April banned models under a certain BMI will not be France (after similar bans in Italy and Spain in the past few years), and rental agents and brands, they are subject to fines or jail time. In the United States, the CFDA long lasting that health initiative aims to educate about proper nutrition, as well as early signs of eating disorders. But when you consider that these images are a prime example of Slimane’s traditional aesthetics, we expect him dramatically its conversion decisions to change anytime soon.

It was only in April a new law banning thin models and thus promoting a healthier image if France rolled out. This means that brands and agents are responsible for their model choices, as against the law, they are subject to large fines or even jail time. Magazines can be punished by the law with a fine of €37,500 in the case of large retouching techniques, the models in the photographs will appear artificially thin. In addition to helping health initiative of the CFDA’s top models with useful information about proper nutrition in America, to fight all eating disorders while still getting good and healthy. It is not obligatory, almost transparently thin slim be considered to be, as this can lead to major health problems, also let us agree that little curves make women look more feminine and sexy. Instead goes on a strict diet and are hungry to submit to you, it is important to get information on healthy eating and fitness, which put both body and spirit healthy standards time engaging!

Underweight Model Saint Laurent Banned In The UK
Saint Laurent Ad Starring ‘Unhealthily Thin’ Model Banned in the UK-1

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