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UGG Is Attempting to Become a Luxury Brand

UGG is attempting to make a name in the luxury market. His latest collection recently revealed the shoes and clothing company. The new boots are as “leaner, more fashion-forward silhouette, with refined features and a slimmer contoured more construction,” described in a press release. Customers can purchase the shoes from 6 August 2015; different styles of retail anywhere from $250 t0 $295.

UGG Is Attempting to Become a Luxury Brand
UGG is becoming a luxury brand

This is a steep hike compared to the classic UGG style, which retails for $155.

“We have decided to provide our customers with a slimmer fit, to give them comfort, more flexibility in their fashion choices – step in the most exclusive situations without UGG to victims,” said Leah Larson, UGG’s Creative Director, in the version.

The brand tapped iconic model Carolyn Murphy as the face of his new collection, because she ‘elegant and refined’ is like the new boots.

Murphy sees the new collection as a departure from traditional styles and a thrust in the direction of high-end fashion for the company.

“This boat, that any of these connotations around, but here is a new spin on it. The silhouette and the cut are different and it is more fashionable,”said Murphy Fashionista.

UGG Is Attempting to Become a Luxury Brand
UGG is becoming a luxury brand-1

The limited edition line was designed in Italy with goat suede leather and Merino Twinface. The boots have a leather heel.

The brand “chose to produce the classic Luxe collection exclusively in Italy, the premium reflect Italian craftsmanship that attracts women all over the world”, Larson said in the release.

There are two styles ‘Abree’ and ‘Karissa’ to come in a range of colors and variations.

Murphy has moderated worldwide campaigns for top designers, and she sees a correlation in the luxury market between the new UGG collection and some of the brands with which she is previously worked.

“This woman and then the woman Oscar [de la Renta] [both] are very much who I am.” There are too many women out there. We all have this duality, ” she said Fashionista. “I am the nature girl who is surfing and my riding horses, and books to read and I need this delay way – but I love really a very beautiful dress put on.”

The model ventured so far as to say the new UGG boot is ‘the new converse’.

Although I might try just the new luxury UGGs be sure, that I change still no major factor of action missed, I’m all for brands that come forward to legends, after successful start over again instead of about and is a perfect way to ruin sub culture. Let’s see what happens next!

UGG Is Attempting to Become a Luxury Brand
UGG is becoming a luxury brand-2

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