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Tory Burch’s Watch Collection for Fall 2015

Launching a new timepiece collection, Tory Burch took inspiration from her love of vintage jewelry, art and travel for four distinct watch styles. With a campaign featuring Tilda Lindstam and Antonina Petkovic, the girls pose for Josh Olins in sixties inspired looks. Swiss-made, the timepieces range from the tomboy cool ‘Dalloway’ which is modeled after a men’s bracelet–to the delicate, jewelry inspired look of the ‘Dalloway’. Priced between $395 and $695, all the watches will be available at the beginning of October in stores and on ToryBurch.com.

Tory Burch’s Watch Collection for Fall 2015
Tory Burch’s Vintage Inspired Collection of Watch for fall 2015-2

The first number, Amelia, is a golden hexagonal-shaped watch-bracelet that looks fantastic on the hand and with clothing with a reserved, elegant earth-color feel. We appreciate the harmony between the surrounding and the item: it is like an inseparable part of the whole idea with a vintage car, brown-blonde hair of Tilda and the time topic. With a more futuristic-for-the-time idea comes the next picture showing Tilda wearing the round gold watch, The Reva that has a double-T logo dial ornament in the middle and a khaki green lace. This particular number was named after Tory’s mother, which proves its importance in the collection. This particular watch’s design carries the spirit of the Sixties and Seventies style embodied by Reva Robinson, as it is described on their website. Looking at the campaign picture makes me feel like I am watching the famous movie “Back to the Future” of Robert Zemeckis, when you are in “the future”, but with a slight difference – the predictions have come true. You can find Reva watch with multiple case and lace color and design variations, which are all displayed on the brand’s official website.

Embodying similar characters of being part of the past and from future in the past, Antonina feels totally at home: she wears two manly golden watches – one with a rectangular form, another one with a round one. The first one called The Dalloway gorgeously combines the men’s bracelet with feminine faceted links, while the second piece, Tory, has an abundance of design variants with different color backgrounds. Being the epitome of tomboy chic, this design matches classic as well as sporty styles, as the official website describes it. The collection will be available for sale at the beginning of October this year in stores and online with the price tags ranging from $395 to $695.

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