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Too Faced Best Makeup Collection for Fall 2015

New makeup collections are as exciting as new fashion lines! A real Fashionista know, how important it is to look for a perfect make-up for a perfect appearance have. Fortunately our beloved brands with which help US presents a series of innovations for every season. So, one of our favourite labels for autumn 2015 has a new makeup line designed to brighten up your look during the cold days of the fall season. We are talking about the new too faced autumn 2015 makeup collection! It turns out that the label has revealed some new products itself, by he them available on-line. But officially the new too faced autumn 2015 makeup collection will be available from 15 June 2015 online @toofaced.com and the 15 July 2015 in the shops.

Too Faced Best Makeup Collection for Fall 2015
Swatches of the New Too Faced Love Flush Long Blush-8

Too faced autumn 2015 collection

The very characteristic eyeshadow combinations were included in the new line. The new line seems has 3 combinations of 5 Eyeshadows in soft and very feminine colors, perfect for a romantic babydoll look be. OK, now let some detailed information about the beauty products that get presented by the label us:

Passionately beautiful eyeshadow collection

A series of beautiful combinations in rich colors perfect for an ultra feminine look that screams attention! The new eye collection is characterised by fifteen offers beautiful shade with Pearl have and matte surfaces. The new line beats a rich color palette that will beautify your appearance in the cold, gray days of autumn from the simple neutral breathtakingly beautiful carnations and emeralds. You know, what is themost exciting? Everything, what you leave at the amazing price of $49.00!

Love flush long-lasting blush

Now you can through a washed color for the day have the high quality, long-lasting formula designed by too faced makeup line! Well, it’s not the long-lasting effect, which makes this formula so special, as it seems also fade attachable and smudge-proof guarantees a perfect look for the whole day! The alternatives are suggested by the label:

To justify love my

How deep is Your Love?

Your love is King

I will always love you

Baby love

Love hangover

You can use one of these amazing products for only $26.00 even! Amazing, isn’t it?

Born this way Foundation

Looking for a specific formula that provides full coverage? Well how about the oil-free “this way born” Re-Foundation? We must say, that for a smooth and natural look, this formula seems to be perfect looks, because it helps to cover all imperfections, leaving your skin look with makeup products layered. The alternatives are offered in this category:





Hot nude

Light beige

Natural Beige

Warm beige





These amazing colors have you only still spending $39.00, incidentally, completely, the money’s value!

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