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Tomas Maier's Resort Collection 2016

Opened with a Bleecker Street store and a Bal Harbour shop, which is for the beginning of the next month, Tomas Maier’s eponymous brand in overdrive. As he, he know better than anyone else, what we all want is so busy something (make the lot) more easily. Maier had issued an unwavering affection for sweats and jogging suits, because he launched the label in the last year, but offer seemed his resort with notions of comfort and more so than his previous trips made in the eye. It was very easy to like.

Tomas Maier's Resort Collection 2016
Tomas Maier Resort 2016-9

Take the airy clothes made from patchworks black hole and top with their sexy cuts, and their elaborate linings, “make them feel good on your skin”, said Maier. Or, better yet, the Maxi dresses a light polyester from Japan, that you would swear was silk made. You will do well in stores, as a dress zip front faux leather that looked deceptively real. There are lots of real leather, also in the form of bright-colored jackets and skirts with a touch of Motocross about it. Color-blocking flag living were as simple as coat of Super cut dresses. Denim and knitwear are TM perennials. He renewed the former by shredded trim to a jacket and a skirt, and he tweaked the latter with asymmetric cuts. A bright red sweater worn backwards and twisted around the waist to button front with a matching cashmere dress looked great.

Maier’s fit fits his lifestyle look – city and beach – and the pieces in the collection can go a long way in both directions. There were cardigans nice cashmere front short back with long boards cut, which could be wrapped and buttoned up to the body to create chic and innovative configurations. Could a mix and match look easy: the Japanese jeans with frayed edges, the nylon Track shorts, parachute taffeta pants, Safari dresses, Cotton satin glued A-line skirt and Japanese polyester Maxi dresses were Prime for dressing up with Maier’s brass jewelry, or down, with its large selection of apartments. “There are so many cute styles within this area, a woman really well with apartments, you can do that,” he said.

Subtle, everyday luxury was the rule in the men’s collection, which washed chinos in soft long beautiful shades of blue, and green pants in paper was his bestseller DrawString waist cord or techy nylon and plush cashmere sweater. The only exception was a velvet tracksuit in electric Green Velvet with purple accent stripes. Luxe, Yes, but only for the brave.

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