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Tom Ford Launches Online Ready-To-Wear

It’s been a big week for Tom Ford.

For one, the designer became known as the inventor of the Pocket Watch Apple. Despite the pocket of iWatch being essentially worthless compared to the original design (several properties, including the pulse watch and Apple pay service are not available, if the watch around your wrist mounted is not), the new-meets old timepiece much attention has received since its unveiling in Ford’s spring 2016 men’s collection in London.

Tom Ford Launches Online Ready-To-Wear
tom ford with net a porter

In addition to his fashion – CV tech innovator and interpreter add reported WWD Ford has also announced its partnership with net-a-Porter. The first online retailers are apart from Ford’s own Web site,, the e-commerce site to sell the designer of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear Collections.

“Net-a-Porter is extremely strong in selling designer goods online and of course Tom Ford clothing collection online, a massive’s bags and shoes draw for our customers”, said Sarah Rutson, net-a-Porter Vice President global purchase. The dealer sold Chanel fine jewelry collection also crush Coco in April. “We have a proven track record on this level, to sell particular brands, that have either very limited e-commerce itself or no e-commerce.”

Customers total grew from 698.000 to 887.000 – an increase of 27 percent. Mobile and tablet turnover rose by 46 percent, the subset of combined makes 40 percent of the total turnover of the group. Despite the fact that Ford own e-commerce site, Tom be net-a-Porter has used his great brand to use luxury partnerships to consciousness with his audience. “It was an extension of the collection offered by Tom Ford,” said Toby Bateman, purchasing Director of Mr. Porter. “There was a surprising element of sportswear in these collections. This development is something that again makes the right timing to work with a company like Mr. Porter. “Not only will we will smooth the signature three-piece business suit and smoking program, but we will also be stocking really strong jeans program to.”

Ford sold his were in 110 select boutiques and department stores worldwide. His women’s collection rtw in July with the men in September on net-a-Porter site starts.

As for the benefits of the transition to online availability? Ruston said it is only a matter of time until the skin test of the designer will go the way of the World Wide Web.

Military leather jackets, patchwork Maxi skirts, embroidered dresses and jeans and suede pieces for women items sold will be Tom Ford. Shoes, accessories, cosmetics and fragrance collections are also in stock. Formalwear, luxurious casual wear and care of the collections will be provided also for the men. All courtesy of see Tom Ford beauty autumn 2015 start and landing strip. “Brands are now absolutely in the knowledge that, once wanted to buy a luxury customers in the store.”

“The brands are now absolutely in the knowledge that, once wanted to buy a luxury customers in the store.” They wanted to touch and feel in their environment, “she said. “It has nothing to do whether it luxury or not.” The customer must not today these ideologies. You have to go not to a mono brand boutique buy. Are you fully nuanced in online purchase?”

Looks like Z, Jay will be to cope with a diverse network of people, the rock also Tom Ford have.

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