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Tips to have Long Eyelashes

Who would not longer eyelashes? I love it, or chemicals with long eyelashes and when I can get it without toxic glues needed for false eyelashes (that often fall off) in download bought mascara, which is perfect! Of course is always the best way and you can grow very cute and of course of course on your own eyelashes. So here are 3 great ways is, longer eyelashes grow of course, which I have found to help.

Tips to have Long Eyelashes
Natural tips for the Growth of Eyelashes

False eyelashes are pretty popular, but I may be not with the false eyelashes, also for special occasions, because they tend to not very natural look and also I don’t so you need to apply the adhesive to the skin. Yuck, who knows what kinds of chemicals that are, and it is not very good, because you have to as close to the eye and the skin around the eye area super sensitive.

Sometime in the last year, in the autumn or so I started to experiment with different methods to longer lashes grow naturally! So, I wanted to share an update with those, I’m experimenting with and how they have worked!

I use a combination of 3 options, longer eyelashes, grow homemade lashes, the increase in the mixture and massage with castor oil! Like you, in can see my before and after the image (below at the end of the post) my eyelashes are definitely grown! I am in the picture above, it took about 2 weeks ago and you can see how big my lashes look! I am so happy with the results!

Let us look naturally make the lashes longer and more beautiful.

1. Remove eye makeup at the end of the day:

Makeup clog the skin around the eyes, which is already very thin. And mascara is very difficult for the eyelashes on the eyelashes. And remove it at night to recover your lashes are. The same rule applies here for your lashes as your skin are both equally tender.

Also, you will very gently, if you remove your eye makeup. If you are rough with your eyelashes, use low density and can grow not as healthy as they are now. Your lashes longer than your hair to grow, and you do not want to damage what you currently have.

2. Use of olive oil:

Apply olive oil to your eyelashes. This enables to grow longer and stronger. This is one of the best home remedies to get eyelashes long.

3.A mixture of olive oil and Castor oil:

Mix olive oil and Castor oil

Now turn the resulting oil on your eyelashes

This will promote Eyelash growth.

4. Petroleum jelly:

Pure petroleum jelly (Vaseline) if applied regularly at night on your eyelashes will help your eyelashes grow faster and makes them thicker and stronger.

5. Green tea:

Add apply green tea leaves, warm water, and then on your eyelashes. This promotes the growth of healthy lash and making them longer, thicker and stronger.

6. Lemon peels soaked in olive or castor oil:

Soft lemon peels for a few days in olive oil or castor oil

Use this on your eyelashes growth.

7. Cut your lashes:

That really helps. You can trim your eyelashes once every two to three months. Just trim a small part (1/4). Trimming your eyelashes is the follicle stimulate your lashes and make them grow faster.

8. Diet:

Along with home remedies for long eyelashes you need to have a balanced diet. A few foods that is great for improving the health of your eyes and eyelashes:



Most fruits

Green vegetables.




Other sources of protein.

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