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Tips to Dye Rainbow Color for Women

Colored wrong hair clips hair helps coloring a rainbow, but if you want to keep this hairstyle for a long time, you have to resort to hair dye. If you dye, your hair in all colors at the same time you’re not pretty rainbow color transitions and blurred patches of color. You need to post and to dye the hair one color at a time. Allocate enough time for this, because the color of your hair in Rainbow colors take more than one day.

Tips to Dye Rainbow Color for Women
tips to color your hain in rainbow
  •  if you have a hair from the middle of a Brown and darker, need first to brighten up you. Ink-Jet, effectively looks at the blond hair. After clarification of the hair you wait 3-4 days and only then go for coloring the hair in Rainbow colors.
  •  Washing you your hair and blot with a towel or completely, depending on the manufacturer of the color dry. Cover the shoulders to protect of the clothing from color. Mix the hair color of the same color. Contact spots on the ears, forehead and neck Vaseline to protect of your skin from the color.
  •  Parts you will be painting the hair into sections, in each color. You dye your hair are the rest of the hair part, so kill all, leave only the other strand, which will be painting at the moment. With the light or very dark color at the beginning and end of the darkest and brightest minds.
  •  Use the color on the part for your hair and wait for the time, determines the preferably in the instructions, to change the color. Dark hair requires to paint more time in light colours as light.
  •  Wash it immediately, try it with the rest of the hair to prevent. Before the painting of the next part, chemical your hair dryer or towel, according to the instructions. Step by step paint the whole and each part of the hair in different colors, ending with the darkest color.
  •  After coloring wait 1-2 days before you wash hair, and use the shampoo and other hair care products with pH balance as long as possible, to keep the color on the hair.

    Tips to Dye Rainbow Color for Women
    tips to color your hain in rainbow-1

Rainbow color include: red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet. That hair resembled a rainbow is maintained, the the color sequence. Ready-made test by painting a small strand to the optimum time for you stain to determine. At this time, and let the color on the hair.

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