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Tips on How to Wear Cardigan

Cardigan is one of the compulsory pieces of any wardrobe. All women have at least one cardigan in the closet. There are cardigan in all colors, shapes, textures and tailoring. Some pieces are suitable only for some figures, while others are suitable only for some clothing styles. As to clarify any confusion, we have prepared a series of tips on how to wear cardigan.Tips on How to Wear Cardigan

  1. Cardigan cut to the waist line. Firstly, it is the most common type of cardigan, at ending close to the waist line. It is not appropriate to wear such a blouse with wide and long it is not advantageous to Outfit any conformity will not only destroy the entire image.

This kind of cardigan fit perfectly in combination with fitting dresses or cabaret. Also, skirts or pants with waist high will be perfect in this situation.

  1. Cardigan oversize is a “great” trend since last season and doesn’t seem to leave us too soon. The most common mistake is found that we tend to asort─âm them from jeans or skirts, baggy ├«nfoiate. There is a great choice for as there is no balance and no contrast. This choice will not highlight any part of your body.

Instead, light physical tones are skinny jeans or will look perfect and will make your legs look very thin.

  1. Long or at Cardigan with long corners is one of the newest types of cardigan. Is it wrong to combine with skirts that end with a few centimeters above the knee? This outfit will have the effect of short legs.

Skinny denim trousers, trunks (from any other material, in addition to training), or even shorter skirts will perfectly complement the attire.

  1. Cardigan “boyfriend”. It is true that this is one of the most popular types of cardigan and can because of this often (too often) we have the sensation that can be combined with all. This is completely wrong. As in the case of oversized cardigan, he should not be combined with loose clothing. Although it is not as big as the one oversize, all will notice the shoulder line which will fall slightly or length. If cardigan is greater in the shoulders and longer and wide can’t combine it with pencil skirts, jeans or baggy pants (unless these are shorts and with high waist) or blouses as wide and long.

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