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Times in which safety was not a priority

Today we have unique human security legislation and even in the workplace we have health and security departments whose task is to guarantee the protection of individuals called PP. But despite all these measures, there are still a few people lacking the biggest necessary safety tool, i.e. common sense. They break all laws and if anything happens then the authorities and law enforcement agencies are blamed.

Sometimes such types of people are too lazy to use caution, sometimes they are just careless and believe that nothing would occur but they forget that accident frequency is small but once accidents occur they can be deadly so caution should always be used. There are instances listed below where safety has been totally ignored. Check out the pictures in particular that demonstrate that sometimes people can be quite dumb.

They still enjoy sightseeing

If your ladder can move on its own

Only one more day at job

Slides were always my favorite place to play

Because team work matters most

This is the moment when new rules on house safety have been laid down

There was no chill in the Russian workers

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