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This Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Any Character and It’s Astounding (20 Pictures)

Cosplay is a new trend that has won the hearts of many. No wonder how famous he is, giving rise to many cosplay fans. With this type of performing art, people can turn their favorite comics, shows, books and films into idols.

Although the results of these experiments in the style of a parody can be funny, we still appreciate the traditional cosplay classics created from makeup, wigs and costumes.

She is a 21-year-old African-Asian art major from Texas who has perfected the art of cosplay. Among the cosplayer community, she identifies herself as a “weird black / POC cosplayer”. Jasmine began dressing as her favorite character since 2008, and she had an amazing talent in transforming herself into almost any icon of pop culture you could imagine.

From Storm of X-Men to Missandei of the Game of Thrones, there is nothing complicated for this cosplayer.

In this post, we have listed some of our favorite photos of her cosplay. Scroll the list below to see her amazing work for herself and enjoy the looks!

Black Cat

Nikki Wong

The Road to El Dorado

The surreal cosplay universe invites talented individuals to pay homage in movies, video games or books to their favorite characters.

Naturally, throughout the Internet, we see an imitation of the same characters reflecting any developments in contemporary pop culture.

Roberta Tubbs – The Cleveland Show

Trixie Carter – American Dragon

Princess Jasmine – Aladdin

“A cosplay test for Rapunzel since 2017. Honestly, Rapunzel is my most unrealizable cosplay plan. As a teenager, I often watched a cartoon about her and I really wanted to make her costume completely.

This Brazilian Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Almost Any Female Cartoon Characters

Her dress and crown look incredibly beautiful ” But I understand that the shape of my nose and face is completely different from the shape of Rapunzel, so.

Without Eugene I would hardly have decided to do this. I had the same situation with Zootopia, but then I discovered that Nick and cosplay happened.

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