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The Road Ahead: Oysho’s Lookbook for Fall 2015

A wooden house, very rustic and traditional, situated in the middle of a lush forest, is the scenario that immerses us lingerie and sleepwear Oysho firm to present its new collection FW15, The Road Ahead.

The Road Ahead: Oysho’s Lookbook for Fall 2015
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A suggestive place to give life to a suggestive lookbook will go revealing us proposals for the signing of fast fashion in the face the next autumn. With The Road Ahead, we will sleep, rest and walk home with pleasant and comfortable garments to touch by the extreme quality of its fabrics, intended as a second skin. Nightgowns, pajamas, Goan, jackets, shoes, stockings, socks and t-shirts with aires designed in a very clear palette, which provides tranquility and nostalgic. As counterpoint to these softer hues are bright and psychedelic prints of oriental inspiration, that we may remember classic kimonos, Japanese, as well as also garments red, Garnet and blue sea, giving far more classic and elegant.

What is an enjoyable Act Lookbook soft and lightweight bathrobes, knitted sweaters, nighties and Planchers, which are so beautiful. We like especially the ideas that are several pieces from the same fabric and pattern. It creates a beautiful harmonious effect you want to wear it as often as possible. And the matchy-matchy style exciting not only is, but also smooth, floral prints and a proper function of this collection are affected. We see a grayish color creamy stir baby pink and pink long Nightgowns, shorts and tank tops with cute embroidery on the collar, knitted Cardigan threads on the bottom, an oversized beige-V-neckline jacket, seems extremely comfortable. As always the brand creates pieces for the House in a certain way, so that they free for place could as well as outdoors. The creamy jackets you prove it here: in any case, the elongated, narrow dresses could sport, shorter your jeans pants and everyone would never appreciate the beautiful outfit this go out inappropriately.

As the light black stones with white floral motifs – slouchy wide leg trousers and jackets, super lightweight dress with cross back straps and a morning robe – that only very special people are searching open them at home only for intended, which means in these clothes, as you and see peaceful may knee. A special feature of this line is that not only fitting the pattern and fabrics are so desirable, but also the figures, this sent to create a comfortable and cool look at home. Look at the combined orange panels, checked trousers and silk Cardigan: is not the fabulous? It is, in fact, would think how never you a better variant look like three different prints together, as well.

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