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Fun Parents with a Sense of Humor

Have you ever looked at things in the refrigerator just to laugh at your family? Do you have the courage to make a flawless winged eyeliner on a bearded face? Did you imagine how hard it was to worry about your daughter after learning about her tattoo? Can you, like ...

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American Movies Has Become a Meme and the Pics Are Hilarious

The media’s practice of depicting stuff through their own lens is uncomfortable, right? Here I very readily use the term “unique,” because this lens is generally either borderline or odd. American Films’ new Mexicans are a definite mix of the two. People began to notice a clear trend in the ...

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32 Hilarious examples of Photoshop going awfully wrong

Photoshop is pretty powerful software for processing images and photos. However, it can also be misused, especially when in the hands of jesters. We’ve put together some of the funniest examples of Photoshop failures that went so far as absurdity. From strangely distorted family photos that look like zombies, to ...

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