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Funny Memes

You just need a long list of funny memes, Sometimes without explaining anything to anyone. This is such a list. Such funny memes will make you breathe out of your nose a little harder for 1 seconds, pursing your lips to prevent a smile. Who does not want this? Well, ...

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Walmart Funny Pictures

Ahh, this is Walmart. Where else can I buy a pair of socks and a can of beans, buy a freight cart and a bill for $750? Remember the laughter you’ll run at Walmart late at night as a teenager in pajamas? Or what about the stress associated with moving ...

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32 Hilarious examples of Photoshop going awfully wrong

Photoshop is pretty powerful software for processing images and photos. However, it can also be misused, especially when in the hands of jesters. We’ve put together some of the funniest examples of Photoshop failures that went so far as absurdity. From strangely distorted family photos that look like zombies, to ...

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Funny Awkward Airport Security Checking Moment

It’s always inconvenient for me to make long flights, but now I’m more worried about passing a security check as a whole without accidental selection for additional screening! Today we have photos with flyers that face really awkward security checks. Security Checking For some reason, when they do it in ...

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