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Swimwear 2015 Collection by We are Handsome Vice

The ‘ 80s are back in full force, as we handsome label are presented his new vice of summer 2015 swimwear campaign. We are already on the Miami Vice and ‘ 80s the key, all about the Palm trees and the cool effects, something that come blasting through our summer wardrobes with great appeal. As the name suggests, we are definitely a good handful of women and what we wear should reflect our personality. We are handsome, Vice 2015 swimwear campaign was shot in Miami on the tropical environment of South Beach, a successful Ode at a time which follows directly after the 1970, a period which has focused very in this year. The eighties see pastel colors more so, with the Flamingo trees everywhere displays prints and towering Palm. Bold retro accessories are in the style, it looks like we celebrate a time when Millennium babies should come to be born.

Swimwear 2015 Collection by We are Handsome Vice
We Are Handsome’s Latest Swimwear Collection Is So Miami Vice-6

Miami Vice has many dubious fashion moments, but you have to admit: it has enough positive to redeem collections from the archives of bad 80s-inspired fashion. We are good looking, swimwear label revered for their crazy graphic print on the dust-repellent textiles recently with his latest collection, Vice, and is inspired totally by Miami after designer long the city visited our humble, Vice driven.

Super 80s geometric pattern dress flamingos and pineapple leaves sketches, repetition and colorful Jaguars rise through the palms and bananas. There are bikinis, one pieces, Palazzo pants, shift dresses and rash guards. Price: bikini pants from $187 for Flamingo to $315 for wide leg.

Goods with eye-catching patterns and sports silhouettes are beautiful all the Vice collection makes you nostalgic for a Miami as a second time.

We have to admit that the black Jaguar behind the bikini bottom is praised, as it is intimidating and seductive at the same time. The Golden jewelry all over the body, of the handcuffs on your wrists bracelets and midriff chains are enough, the blood boil, especially, if they are sparkling against beautiful tanned skin. String bikinis are a bust, but regular bikini pant with Vice swim shirts is a bit more attractive. Add a few criss-cross racer back pieces, and we have to show an amazing perfect new swimwear on the beach collection.

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