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Stunning model Winnie Harlow Continues to Change the Face of Fashion

19 year-old Winnie Harlow, who was the pigment of the skin condition vitiligo, rose from wannabe Next Top Model of America in one of the hottest faces of 2015.

Stunning model Winnie Harlow Continues to Change the Face of Fashion
Model with rare skin disease is changing the face of fashion-3

This weekend, she picked up the idol of beauty gong at the German magazine of the Gala Spa Awards 2015 in Baden Baden, looking gorgeous in a straw and lace dress red.

Asked what the prize meant to her, she said: “it’s an incredible honour. The fact that people recognize what I fight my success even more valuable. »

The brace following starring roles in two campaigns of 2015 ad big spring/summer – to label Diesel and Spanish Desigual.

And it’s just a month after that it took the world of fashion by storm, when she walked for Desigual at New York Fashion Week.

Rather than to be tried for it looks distinctive, Winnie is now celebrated for them.

She told AFP in New York: “even the top models now have a lot of personality and I feel that this is what people are looking for, you know, something that they can relate to a real person. ”

“So I feel like the industry is a lot of opening upwards, widen their eyes,” she said.

It has not always been so for Winnie, born Chantelle Brown.

She admits that she was wrong rudoyee where she went to school in Toronto, the Canada, after that she was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of four.

She admits classmates used to call her “Zebra» and «cow» because the white spots on the face and body.

But in 2011, she posted a video on YouTube titled “Vitiligo: a skin condition does not a life changer ‘, where she spoke publicly – and honestly – for the first time in the general State.”

She has not looked back since, describing himself as a “spokesman for vitiligo” on its page of Instagram, which has 627 000 followers.

So, what is the next step for Winnie after its receipt of the prize of beauty Idol? «A cover of American Vogue”, explains the ambitious model.

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