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Sophia Amoruso Joins 'Marie Claire' as Contributing Editor

A friend of mine very philosophically artists used to specify, that’s nothing for fashion designers more curious than time. Usually they are very informed, they have done their research and know the essence of the story, but they keep callback put the past of retro trends in motion. Why? Although we come forward, to come up with new shapes, colors and combinations, there is no season without a thorough retro comeback. This time it’s nasty fall/winter 2015 to bring the past back again by his stylish GAL.

Sophia Amoruso Joins 'Marie Claire' as Contributing Editor
Nasty Gal’s best ’70s Pre-Fall collection 2015 for women-1

Has much changed, since #GIRLBOSS, I wrote two years ago. We have made record-breaking sales. Nasty grew GAL so quickly; it was the Tower of Babel. For the first time, we went through layoffs.

I turned 30. Then I turned 31. We have opened shops in Los Angeles two brick and mortar (#brickandmurder). My hair is long! I am an adult with braces! Most importantly, I got married.

Started about these layoffs… we feel the hard times until my book went to press. 100 million euros has gone extinct a lot of money – but companies that are much larger.

Sophia Amoruso Joins 'Marie Claire' as Contributing Editor
Nasty Gal’s best ’70s Pre-Fall collection 2015 for women-2

The concept of success is really weird. Builds success of a beloved brand and company? Or is it how you handle that if it is hard? Is success is in the right place at the right time – with the right voice, skills, team and drive to cobble together? Or success is to find out how the giant to tame, as soon as it sprouts legs and sharp teeth?

They say that if you have a child, it feels like her heart outside your body – you can imagine, then send her to school with the threat that she might get hit or bullied by some asshole by a car. But you have to, because that’s what growing up is. That’s how I feel about nasty GAL. My whole future is in this brand – but at the end of the day, I can only give it a kiss on the head and a PB & J are at the door. It is not yet fully baked. Their success depends on a skill that I have the strength, fortitude and resourcefulness of the team more than any. Patterning in the spirit of 70s-fitting of course dedicated to space on fabric. There are a number of decorative patterns in addition to the classic French stripes and polka dots. Simple canvas garments you are also available, allowing a polka you tell the rest to prevent dot, is not. It is something special for everyone here.

In contrast to the patterns, the forms are not too diverse. When it comes to length, you have only 2 possibilities – too long or too short. The beautifully appointed shift dresses, which are coincidentally also a little too short, are a very good transition from summer to autumn.

On the surface seems not the 31-year-old, which ceo abandoned their role GAL nasty this year, gloss over the pitfalls of the past five years or what can lie ahead of us. “What have I learned? What’s in the future? Consider me half baked. Peel back another layer of the onion every day. “, she said. “As I wrote in my book: you should adore everyone.” And I’m telling you again, not idolize me. I know not she!. Also not your parents. But if I can pull this off, you can. Take and run with him.”

Sophia Amoruso Joins 'Marie Claire' as Contributing Editor
Nasty Gal’s best ’70s Pre-Fall collection 2015 for women

Amoruso joins the ranks of so guy Marie Claire contributors as Christy Turlington Burns, Jessica Coen, Joyce Corrigan, Kimberly cutter and Amanda de Cadenet. Fuelnwider said: “Sophia is a smart, savvy entrepreneur and an all-around bad ass.” Their experience in building one of the most successful fashion websites in recent history will be our readers insight into their own careers and how you give to make your dreams come true.”

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