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Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs

It’s still sophisticated, casual, easy and versatile – we’re talking about the messy bun. And here, as do a messy bun with long hair in a few simple steps.This style gives the impression that your hair, go to much effort not styling almost as, awoke as if you are looking for, that good… but it is always still chic and amazing! There are different types of rolls to choose from and I to facilitate named them.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
how to do messy buns for long hairs

Basically each of these approaches is easy and effective why not take a bit of a break and have a pamper evening with friends or alone and figuring out what styles you prefer? Here, you can read how a messy bun with long hair in the simplest way possible.

Mainly brush you your hair carefully to each node or tangling to get rid. Some people also choose mousse in this phase, how she can help to keep some types of hair styling and styles ‘to better behavior’ longer.

Tips and advice

A way to get natural wavy hair you want to style your hair in a bun, if it is wet and leave it overnight (if it not too uncomfortable to the sleep). If you unravel it, in the morning there have dried curly without using any heat. Perfect!

To a messy look to get your hair, it might need Backcombing. Is too rough with your hair can cause breakage and end, so make sure not to overdo it, and your hair always State, well, if you wash it.

Due to the chaotic, informal nature of these hairstyles is not recommended to it for exercise or a strenuous activity to wear, how they are likely to fail, but are perfect for back to tie and heading off from shopping, cinema or work.

You can always casually wear buns a day and then dress her up at night by adding a funky scrunchie, a sparkly Barrette or some other hair accessory.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
stylish buns for long hairs

The look is so versatile, that you have to mix it for most of the events. Why not make something more romantic and elegant seeing themselves on curling loose hairs on the sides of the face in ringlets? There are also ways to get attention with a page rolls, high or low bun and mix two buns! It can take too long or short hair. What about a bun of love?

Backing up your messy bun with a slight spritz Hairspray, too much and it looks tacky and rock-like.

What whatever you decide to use too many products – you want the natural behavior and wispy hair, fallen hair is all part of the overall finished look, so that you need not too neat and perfect it.

1. Twist and roll

This is the classic sandwich and not necessarily a messy bun, but it depends on how much time and effort you put into it. You can lose sections of hair around the ponytail and make volume, you will see “messier.”

If you want to get in hurry and the messy bun look, you scratch your hair up in a ponytail, with your fingers (worry about smooth no with a brush). Use the hair in the ponytail too tight twist and wrap it around the hair tie. This is the go-to-approach for most people, when they think to bring her hair on a bun.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
Twist and roll bun

Grip in place or with other hair elastic to secure or add a hair accessory. If you hair on the short side or layered, some parts of it could sink added by twists in the butt, but the messy style.

2. Loop-through bun

Create some volume in the hair, which, but careful with a brush when the Backcombing, because you don’t want to break the hair. You want volume to the Crown of the head and the sides of the hair (think 1950s bouffant) create.This creates a messy look, with much volume. Now just turn your hair upside down and collect it in your hands in a ponytail (you use your fingers or smoothing to problems with a brush). Everywhere where you bind the ponytail – high or low -, where the rolls are placed.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
loop through bun

Now, depending on hair length, hair bow but not completely by pulling how to bind your normal ponytail. This means that it is looped over an unfinished ponytail. So, a kind of loop remains bread. You have lots of hair and enough elasticity in the hair tie, bind it to again securely.

Now you can customize the buns, by they volume and expansion. This is for example easy way create a bun style. Need to secure some handles certain parts and make sure that you don’t go too far or it pop out could sense ponytail instead of a messy bun totally daytime messy!

3. Flower Power

This bread is not as difficult to make as it looks, so don’t panic. It is one of the funkier rolls out there. Start the way just, like, which it would normally do with a ponytail. Distribution to spread your hair in all directions in a circle from the centre outwards in the middle of the ponytail. Sometimes it is easier to split into four parts.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
how to do floral buns

Go through these pieces of hair again (over and out) and clip below (so the handles are not visible). The desired effect is like an open flower – the hair rubber is the center of the flower and the hairs are the petals out go.

It a little time to ensure all the hairs in place, but again, don’t worry about locks falling out – all adds, to the desired look messy. This look is great for more formal occasions such as weddings and parties, and looks great with a fastener flower or bow in addition.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
how to do floral buns-1

4. Bun Maker

This is for the day, if you have any little time! Get the high ponytail secured, and wrap your hair around and PIN in place with a bread-maker or a hair tie or head scarf.Once you have the hang of it, is one of the easiest ways to give your hair in a bun and a bun, which lasts all day without fail on the square. This will not likely be messy bun, but “it screw up, pull out some hair and wispy to leave. Simple, but effective.

Simple Summer Messy Buns for Long Hairs
Bun maker

With these different types of messy buns there so try lots of things with your hair to see, what works for you and suits your hair type. Rolls do you like the look of messy? How perfect you it? Share your ideas and comments below.

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