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Short hairstyles were always a sign of self-confidence and even though you might think that short hair have something masculine, it is often exactly the opposite. Just think of Audrey Hepburn, who looked adorable with her short hair.SHORT HAIR Because DON´T CARE
I also wear my hair for a few years short. The most popular Pixie cut began with me, as with many others also and remains the trend hairstyle. Also, the Pixie to the short hair cut which is also suitable for fine hair and you can fudge diverse despite its simplicity is one.

I want to share with you what possibilities are there to style short hair:

Smooth style short hair


For a sleek styling, I use mostly a paddle brush with which I paint during the blow drying the hair. That gives the hair shine. In addition, with shine spray, I create shine in the hair. Pomades or hair wax give a light texture to the hair.

Volume in the short hair style

To get volume, simply have often been the hairs with a skeleton, far apart the bristle brush comb. With volume spray can be helped after however. This spray best in the wet on the approach. In dry hair, it serves as a finish for the hairstyle.

Style short hair undone

Before I velvety cards short hair on head, I mousse in your hair work. This creates a great undone effect. In order to accentuate individual highlights, I use hair wax in addition.


Spice up a Kurzhaarfrisur with accessories

Different hair bands, headbands and hair clips are extremely practical, to a short hair cut fast and easy to vary. Bad hair days have no chance if you simply knotting a hair band or cloth in your hair you or stuck with annoying strands with a chic hair clip.

Style short hair in the wet look

For the perfect wet-look, I work a wet gel to damp hair before I style it. Fine hair be taken: Dear choose a hair spray for medium-sized grip instead of strong or even ultra strong hold. Then, the look is sitting all day.
Finish for short hairstyles
Each styling can be fixed at the end with hair spray or hair spray. These styling tools provide a long-lasting and shiny look.SHORT HAIR Because DON´T CARE

How I can also modify its short hair look?

Through different pony lengths and styling options! A pony – no matter whether short, allows reaching to the eyebrows or fuzzy cut – comb is sleek, styled undone or zurückgelen.
Another alternative is the undercut. The hair is high shaved on the side or in the neck. How we can strong, decide the winner himself.

Anyone who still believes the long mane of wall among princesses, such as the Happy ending to a fairy tale, should be “THE NAMELESS DOLL”. Said by an artist has now robbed the long locks the Disney heroines of their childhood Arielle, snow white and co. you can check it on blogging Tumblr platform.

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