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Selena Gomez Looks Incredible in Latest Campaign for Adidas

Selena Gomez looks so incredible as ever in its new campaign for Adidas. The actress and singer and the fitness brand, to start a NEO collection spring/summer and it is for ladies who are very satisfied always looking for comfortable and stylish pieces. The pieces of Selena are adorable (and affordable)!

Selena Gomez Looks Incredible in Latest Campaign for Adidas
Selena Gomez for adidas NEO’s Fall 2015 Campaign-1

Check the video above girl showing off to see some of from the collection and discuss what made you first of all. “I’m really stoked about this collection is that I feel it is very bright and kind represents, where I am, it’s really funny,” she said. “The last collections were a little nervous.”

The brand describes the collection as a sporty, elegant and fascinating that allows the user to make incredible games, that’s absolutely true. We have the cooperation of the “good for you” singer and adidas NEO was stunned for quite some time and this latest campaign reinforces these feelings. No matter thin or curvy sports clothing looks best when worn in a perfectly sculpted body and the pictures show the body match perfect pieces on the beautiful Selena prove it. We advise all and how to love, how, which are no more pressure by sideways. Still, there is always a sensible desire to perfect himself and soft feel. How to obtain these amazing clothes, put them on, look you in the mirror and say the line out loud by Selena’s song “I just want good for you look”!

Selena served as a guest Designer, to bring us the line – and if you want every single piece in there, find, are lucky. The singer is inviting their fans participate in a competition and a lucky winner stands to win the entire collection.

“If you are anything like me, you can’t wait to hit the beach,” Selena said in the video, which fans that participate in competition. “Sun, sand, friends–what could be better? Neo and I are one lucky winner of my whole neo-summer collection type. All you have to do is to create your own beach at home.”

To get everything what you have to do is, take a photo of your home Beach (when creating it entirely up to you and @AdidasNeoLabel and Hashtag is mentioned #SelenasNeoBeach.) That’s it — you can take home collection of Selena.

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