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Saint Laurent Fall/Winter Collection 2015 for Women

Designer Hedi Slimane has raised the bar, or should I say the podium with its fall/winter 2015 for Saint Laurent collection rose. Just a handful of seasons, his mechanical and movable set pieces for each of its ready-to-wear fashion shows have become legendary. Still, the same and yet different, sets echo collections that they highlight. This collection will prove without doubt as confrontational as the rest. It began with a ceremonial rising of the gateway. As the high floor, the public has a view of blinking fluorescent lamps and metal scaffolding. It seemed as the belly of a stadium arena, making the models that walked out on rock stars or rock-star groupies.

Saint Laurent Fall/Winter Collection 2015 for Women
Saint Laurent autumn Winter 2015 women Collection at Paris Fashion Week-20

Cute pieces with the enormous amount of tulle:

There are a few cute pieces with the enormous amount of tulle, creating a tutu as models. In fact, the first piece in the collection almost seems to be a punk-like wedding dress that showgirl can wear for a quick hitch to Las Vegas. It could pass as a both magnificent ball gown, but not with this combination we see here. The blazer is nice enough, but makeup, fishnet stockings and black booties really give it a totally different atmosphere. Then we enter slots dresses and plunging necklines to the top of the thighs, even on mini faux leather with zippers on the side. Glittering miniskirts appear in all the senses as well, while torn stockings were asking us what thought designers of Saint Laurent.

Tiger like Prints:

There is a particular dress that meets our fancy with his Tiger like print and shimmer of the body in black and silver, but this slot to the top center is dangerous, even though the dress itself falls to the ankle length without it. Black and white stripes appear also everywhere. Black and white combinations are generally a common trend, not only in this collection, but also on Paris Fashion Week parades as a whole.

Plenty of trails to blaze and candles:

But until that day comes, she has plenty of trails to blaze and candles burning at both ends. She will do what to wear cropped jackets perfecto on blast on the mini-crini dresses. On the other hand, it may go with a transparent top or flayed who do invest in a Saint Laurent jacket a must for the sake of modesty. Or maybe she will just insert a super slim MIB.


When the gateway at the eyes finally came to earth so that Saint Laurent models could browse the track on the same level as the audience, setting the height did not deceive person. Not a single moment made these girls see someone else as their equal. It wasn’t Groucho Marx who said: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a Member?

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