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Rules about How to Choose Jewelry

What is certain is that we need to have as many accessories. But when it comes to jewelry, the topic is a delicate one. Your jewels must tell a story. Whether for emotional significance or just like you a lot, carry a jewelry which are attached you will load of positivism.

Rules about How to Choose Jewelry
tips to select jewelry

Very important is the quality of the jewelry that you wear. You don’t necessarily have to wear a lot of jewelry, but mandatory ones you wear should be of very good quality! The metal should not change color over time. There is nothing tragic in not having a lot of jewelry, but when you choose the parts that are not of the wrong quality or combined between them, the appearance will be a failure.

Rules To Select Jewelry:

  1. Never buy imitation pearls or diamonds. If we look at the kind of liked, but cheaper alternative as crystals. Diamonds are not binding, even if we have financial resources. If you do not realize through such an intimate accessory piece, you better not buy them at all. Diamonds cannot be wearing without emotional attachment.
  2. We carry old parts just after I was very careful in their details. Must not be damaged by the passage through time and buckles must work perfectly, otherwise we risk losing a gem with emotional or we won’t have a final layout you want.
  3. Where we have darker complexion, black olive, it’s best we will highlight yellow jewels. Silver metal is perfect for a lighter complexion.
  4. If we had bought a set of jewelry, it is not a mistake if we wear them separately.
  5. The Ideal is to keep the jewels in large spaces. Large jewelry box, even if you don’t we’ll fill the whole, will help more not to lose any piece, but a small box in which we hustle casually each necklace, earring, bracelet, fine tuning that can bind with another piece, etc.;

Why we must necessarily be in the drawer with the jewelry to complement any attire quickly?

Slim and long-Chain with large pendant. It’s perfect for the Bohemian or hippie outfit anymore.

-Massive round Earrings, preferably Golden. Perfecşi for any other rig apart from that office.

-A set of thick bracelets the colorful Merry of plastics. These bracelets are given summer or spring ţinutelor, hippie and playful.

-Large oversized Ring stone. The model may be one based on modern, asymmetric shapes or classic very interesting colors. Craftsmanship is very important. This ring should aibş many details.

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