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Roksanda Resort 2016 Collection

Collection, Roksanda cruise recalls Garth, and since then he has participated in the appointment and saw the collection jun flesh, we’ll just have to speak for him, reminds him of Cubist clowns, painted by Picasso, which would make sense as Roksanda said that she was inspired by Cubism. And the prints are very Cubist. Cubist to the body, rather than a wall if. In any case, other things that Garth has shared with us about Roksanda include the following: she loves the contrasting colors. Especially roses and oranges. This is apparently his favorite combination. She also loves the contrasting fabrics, for example leather and Brocade. Which would explain the Cubist patchwork of textures in this collection? Circular and geometric panels of leather and fleece combined with wool rich and some gloss vinyl, which adds a layer of resistance to the other almost 30′s femininity, she is so well.

Roksanda Resort 2016 Collection
latest Roksanda Cruise resort Collection 2016 for women

Speaking now of the colors chosen for the new line, that we need to highlight the fact that the combo black and white classic (which, incidentally, is very popular for 2016 Resort) is one of the mixes main color used for new fashion sets. Also, white, beige, gold and other metallic shades were captured during the presentation of the new line. As you will notice everything, checking that the top looks of the new Roksanda cruise 2016 collection mini dresses with opulent design details on are very typical. However, there are also certain combinations of two interesting pieces that are certainly worth checking. For example, the label has an eye-catching black combo created with a long skirt and a delicate blouse made of transparent fabric-a classic black jacket. This look seems to be the perfect choice for a dark, mysterious place and very intriguing appearance like the one shown in the picture. Another combination that has left us an important impact has been the new interesting interpretation of the classic costume. What we especially liked thereon was how each piece was a total different color and yet he seemed in perfect harmony with the rest of the combo.

Close-up, the “winter” side of his work – compositions of disks, triangles and irregular rectangles of linen, sparkle-speckled tweed and the odd piece of PVC – precision arty on it; each flat pressed item, and held in place with white piping. For parts of the year warm weather (maybe), she has concocted lightweight 3D geometric chiffon patchworks: a delicate skirt full length in turquoise and an evening gown pink bubblegum punchy with a semi sheer bodice. Feminine, dramatic and just a little offbeat, they are clothes designed to appeal to the top, long stem of women who need something cheap to pick up after fall deliveries have melted.

In general, it must be said that this line is distinguished by its unique signature look and the atmospheric vibe. Well, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. And now that you have some information on the new line it is time to start exploring all the fancy fashion elements offered by Roksanda! So check out them!

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