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Rihanna Poses for Dior Campaign

Fans have a little taste of Rihanna‚Äôs Dior campaign. The “secret garden IV” campaign shows the singer in an avatar sexier and ultra-glamorous. The singer was announced as Dior’s last Ambassador in March. It is the first time that the French fashion house has unveiled a black woman as its brand Ambassador. It follows celebs like Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence in the role.

Rihanna Poses for Dior Campaign
dior secret campaign-2

Rihanna is the latest powerful beauties from the music industry on the front pages of many campaigns, this time the Dior “Secret garden IV” shows that the collection with the photo shoot and short film bring the campaign some badly needed it to grace. History, as the first dark skinned spokes model for Dior officially makes beautiful red lips Rihanna. The Bajan beauty has a whole bunch of posing, the photographs by Steven Klein, at the Palace of Versailles. There’s something about the fourth episode of the campaign very sexy. The pieces displayed, here is the ranks of Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, and Jennifer Lawrence will close from May, while Rihanna thus in for the image of Dior by Christian Dior.

Rihanna Poses for Dior Campaign
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RiRi has to share a few preview pictures of the shooting Instagram and Facebook on Thursday. The film and print campaigns shot by renowned photographer Steven Klein at the Palace of Versailles, France. The ads mark the fourth installment of the brand “Secret garden”-video series and show the pop star in a fantasylike order to accumulate hike around the Palace and the famous staircase.

Rihanna together four pictures of the advertising campaign on Instagram and even a teaser video clip. Dior also shared the images and video clips on its official Instagram. All images have an element of darkness, secrecy and ultra-glamour in it. It shows that “Bad Girl” dressed in gorgeous and feminine Dior clothes and high-gloss accessories. “Sharp looks and sensitivity, which are to create unique, perfect elements to set the stage for secret garden, combines Rihanna’s secrets and intrigue, with their crisp” small said in the statement.

Rihanna Poses for Dior Campaign
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The circuit of Rihanna show stands up, up close and personal with their popular Dior diorama handbag. The singer was spotted several times with her chic favorite arm candy. The pop princess looks glamorous in red lipstick and matching nails. She is pictured wearing a veil covered in crystals, leather gloves and a fur dress with neckline top on their ribs. A photo has the singer, performed the red dress through the Hall of mirrors in a floor sweep. Like the daily star UK in March reports, a New York producer on the shoot and has revealed recordings by the 27-year-old on Facebook, the news before the official announcement. Another shot shows Rihanna wearing a shimmering silver dress.

Rihanna Poses for Dior Campaign
dior secret campaign

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