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Rihanna Is Launching a Beauty Makeup Line

For those who laugh, as Rihanna RIHtired, we have some news for you: Although the Barbados singer does not have the music industry with their trademark sonic size graced as the “BBHMM” video from teenager change her date of birth was, she expanded their empire. First she started with PUMA, then they design socks, and now apparently she prepares to launch her own beauty line.

Rihanna Is Launching a Beauty Makeup Line
Rihanna Promises of Launching a Beauty Line

Last year, Rihanna released her first perfume, RiRi, and quietly protected “Fenty beauty.” At Refinery29, she asked whether this meant that she her own line of beauty they said dismissed: “Oh wow, man, thats crazy, how did that?” That is definitely something; I’ll my hands on and would love to do. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I had so much on my hands. But this time I’ll make sure that it happens. I’ll do to find some time between albums, and fragrance. I promise.”

Question, what products she would design it said: “there are a lot! Eyelashes that just could sit on…, which moves, but dry out not your lips is, you do not require a passenger ship for lipstick. I mean, it sounds so unreal.”

Decode your makeup style, we expect matte lipsticks in Rihanna’s beauty line that dominate sure mulberry, as well as tawny or coffee are red purple, in bright colors like Crimson, Burgundy, Brown available. The presence of such shades as Ultramarine, is Emerald, dark olive green or even black not excluded we be developed as long as products that handle by the extravagant celebrity. The paradox remains a lipstick that won’t fade, to create but at the same time not dry on the lips the only mystery. This is another reason why we look forward to us our hands on Riris makeup products are to test it on our own.

It is doubt that she will contain all, which helps, the smokiest eyes at all, such as black create Eyeshadows, EYELINERS, black mascara and eyebrow products. And no doubt you will make not the last that we smell good the last scent, RiRi. Well, more or less Fenty beauty is been outlined his release at your fingertips. So, your arm with patience, your cosmetic bags to help with fresh new beauty products from RiRi.

So there you have it, friends: Rihanna only promised us a new album and a beauty. What a time to live.

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