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Rihanna Become New Creative Director of Sock Company

While Rihanna watch always to their album the world is taken – or any idea to give what is expected even us – Rih is always all sorts of other goodies. Yesterday, it was a new version of the classic cell phone game snake. Today it is the news that Mrs. Fenty creative contributors a three-year contract Director for California Sock Company be attitude has signed.

Rihanna Become New Creative Director of Sock Company
Rihanna is Now Creative Director of a Sock Brand

“” “it is also one of the attitude of the brand Ambassador, always” writes women’s wear daily, “joins celebrities including artist Langley Fox Hemingway and former NBA all-star of Allen Iverson as the so-called”Poet and punks.””

Rihanna’s first socks will murder wrote Rih and in men and women. The busy design of black-and-white-and-red all-over fits perfectly in this post “bitch better have my money” – video world. Get ‘ em grab or some to see close-ups on attitude. The entire collection will be this fall.

“she creative pushes the boundaries in everything that she does,” says candy Harris, SVP Enterprise women Division. “It’s nice to work with out-of-the-box ideas for our brand.” Harris added: there are very few women in fashion, whose personal style can go by road to Couture in a blink. She’s doing it with a such credibility and authenticity. It makes them an original.”

“Artists and actors are usually paid for use of their name and face – or music – to help to sell a brand,” she says. “Now, they will be prompted the current campaign crafts they in appear – their views are appreciated and carried out.” You get the photographers and directors, those to whom you want to edit. Dealing with celebrities in the campaign as the money more the role of business.”

Rihanna Become New Creative Director of Sock Company
Rihanna is Now Creative Director of a Sock Brand-1

While the first full collection will be available until autumn of this year don’t have the teaser capsule consisting of 1,500 crew-cut socks and 1,000 pairs of high knee socks just has been released.

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