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Richard James Spring/Summer Collections 2016 for Men

The bulk of the menswear shows are schedule based around the old sorting Office in Holborn, a strange stretch of Midtown real estate, little to the fashion industry connection. all much further East takes place in the lines of the North South streets, which follow the limits of changing city. But walking from Holborn after Richard James Show this morning a walk through the history of men’s clothing – from Covent Garden, the nineties, 1960s Soho, according to pre-war savile row and Jermyn Street and the gentleman’s clubs of Pall Mall. There surrounded by statues of portly Victorian generals and smugly triumphal Explorer unveiled long underground room overlooking the St. Richard James her latest collection in a James’ Park.

Richard James Spring/Summer Collections 2016 for Men
Richard James Menswear Spring Summer 2016 London-15

It was disbanded a district, which the show familiar Muse, Edward James (no relation) – fabulously wealthy patron of the arts, was the England fled after his marriage in scandal and was forty years later in the Mexican jungle have found a fabulous surrealistic paradise built.

This notion of the English abroad has shaped increasingly the Richard James – brand development perhaps appropriately given the brand firmly international profile. And the Edward James allowed marry them, their comfort zone of the slim narrative, refined tailoring and sophisticated basics, an exuberantly MADCAP drawn around overlay the jungle florals and line pattern, with Fuchsia and orange Baboon stamped on turquoise and sea green backgrounds. There were enough sophisticated neutral mix Carnival of color and pattern – and enough Riotousness to help ensure that the James customer quite would be not postponed by the show shock the sedate residents of Pall Mall, like Edward James himself so many decades ago.

Look no further than Richard James for a follower of sharp take men style. Prints this season which is also color and decadent. Suiting wardrobe add a little pop Richard James delivered coordinated ensembles and separates the light tones, Luxe, fabrications and impeccable fits boasted.

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