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RESERVED Fall Winter Campaign 2015

RESERVED, the Polish retail store is to keep anyway, with other brands, the release of their new season fashion campaigns and the kickoff is thrilled autumn present the reserved autumn 2015 ad campaign. The relatively young clothier, born in Poland in the middle of focused 90, originally on pieces of casual-style, of which the most commercial design and called for those. As time passed, developed strong reserve to clothes of various styles and expanded designs. The company has a secret to keep his clips always fresh and different, and now we’ll show it to you. Staff changes dynamically and something new and original for the brand, brings every newbie therefore with the reserved pieces of clothing in your closet, you will never look the same.

RESERVED Fall Winter Campaign 2015
Nicole Pollard for Reserved Fall Winter 2015 for women-8

The reserved autumn 2015 ad campaign, is still lacking in the elegant and luxurious options this time exclusively with our everyday ensembles. By fashion photographer Mateusz Stankiewicz and starring Australian model Nicole Polland captured, the images of the campaign are all about loneliness, on the background of the windy autumn is reinforced. It’s inexplicably attempting to fill our autumn days with some sad and somber tones. The melancholic beauty is mistaken in the mountains with dust and soil around in oversized and comfortable pieces for the cold days perfectly dressed.

We are back in the world of the mighty outerwear. Sometimes after a matter of my opinion, whether the fall season last that long is about giving us a chance on our jackets, ponchos and jackets to try. However, be sure to have this strong desire, invest in the warm and cosy ponchos and jackets, the Polish merchant offers. Are elongated poncho with abstract patchwork, embellished designed with many fringes, sometimes with big pockets, sometimes without. The jackets come in Navy Blue and Mulberry purple shades. With designs and colors so different, there is one thing that unites all outerwear pieces; This is the concept to brighten your lonely autumn days by furnishing you with soft and warm pieces in handmade from natural materials, which in an effortless style, long season can pack.

The campaign draws also attention to a series of stylish pants on the autumn season with flickering hems and ability, while the autumn wind blows gently playful look will be adjusted. RESERVES will also protect your head by providing a couple of outstanding hats (2015-2016 headgear think the biggest fall / winter trends, right?). The beautiful Nicole presents a perfect example, as you with reserved your best by autumn 2015 offered search collection. Especially style your hair in a messy out of bed ‘ do, access a rust color cross body bag slip into a mini satin dress of loose with some lace details on the sleeves and don’t forget. Well, since you are the street fashion icon, walking out the door, to explore the city.

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