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RESERVED Best Spring Summer Collection 2015

States with Hashtag #LIKETHEJAGGERS reserved the Polish fast fashion retail company, which offers latest clothing inspired by the Haute Couture industry trends the latest released collection spring/summer 2015. It is currently the most successful Polish brand on the market with products available in 14 different countries come. The first reserved locations were opened in mid-1990s, before it grew and start new branches in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia and many others. Today, there are over 120 shops outside Poland’s borders. In recent years, his campaigns have grown and the brand strategic use of models, which previously went for the biggest names in the industry, was a practical and profitable choice. Today, they have released their campaign by 2015 and we look forward positively, we see the result of months of work.

RESERVED Best Spring Summer Collection 2015
RESERVED SpringSummer 2015 Campaign for women-1

In General, it seems that we will see a whole bunch of white in the reserved 2015 spring/summer collection appears. Of course that only our day lit, because the heat is reflected the white and a cooler as a whole allows fashion statement. There is a sense of the full sophistication as we views the outfits that were added to this collection. Blazer and pencil skirts hats brim with sailor stripes; we see a number of chic and beautiful by the brand’s latest fashion, inspiring tempting our mind and our senses.

When it comes to the casual looks, reserved together a beautiful jeans and blouse combo drew. The jeans is wash a light blue, perfect classic, with some wear and tear in the knees, while even the shirt has a lace-shoulder region and with this pattern in the middle of the pure white piece, half sleeve comfort style continues screaming.

The Seductress in us wants the shorts and shirt combination, which stir up within the campaign Lookbook, bright appears the burning in our souls. Think short shorts, a long-sleeved shirt in khaki, cotton pressed and platform heels that look like at the end below taking awesome Safari sexy. Make the buttons, back around the middle of the chest, directly under the bust for the hottest looks, rests on a delicate chain around his neck, the attention to the neckline.

Somehow, we seem like long sleeve with shorts, a combination that could work not always well with the weather. But sailor stripes are a classic and an awesome pressure on the spring: make long sleeve shirts, while high waist shorts are perfectly relaxed tailoring around the legs for the accentuation of the indentation in the waist.

To make more chic and sophisticated, could work well for a company celebration where the boss is, the width of leg, flared, trousers with a high waist can be used, amount to, while the long sleeves makes the picture frame generously printed shirt for a correct combination of just casual enough without professional stature. It is the appearance of a CEO, makes a woman who knows how to take over.

For the flirtatious girl in you can indulge them with a pretty white on white outfit, which includes a simple top with a high rounded neck, knee-length lacy skirt pulled half sleeve over a beautiful, which goes very well with ankles tied, d’Orsay shoes.

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