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Kylie Jenner’s Style is Decoding

This summer, Jeanne Damascus plays the designer’s time to a capsule devised in collaboration with the American brand. Dungarees denim, floral combination, little white dress, suede skirt… A collection resolutely Seventies to discover today in stores and on the e-shop of Reformation.

Kylie Jenner’s Style is Decoding
Reformation Finds Its Inner Parisian-3

When she is not invited to the forefront of fashion shows, Jeanne Damascus lends itself also to the set of the muses for his friend Jacquemus but also Leon & Harper, Yasmine Eslami and recently Roger Vivier. But in April 2015, the Paris of 22 years at the bohitile pout and nonchalant chic style, decides to try to create drawing for La Redoute a collection of ready-to-wear in his image, elegant, cool and a little blue flower. This summer, Jeanne Damascus reiterates the experience in imagining an exclusive line to its image with Reformation and combining ethical spirit and recycled this brand made in L.A. After the top Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse in July 2014, Reformation celebrates again the pace Paris Jeanne inviting, Damascus to deliver its vision of the overalls jean, floral flare pants, Bohemian fluid dress, suede mini-skirt or seafaring. Cloakroom in the air of the inspired by the 70s, twisted pieces of time a sexy touch to wear day and night, the time of a hot night in Arles, the town where the collection was shot. The Reformation x Jeanne Damascus capsule is already available in stores and on the e-shop of Reformation.

Reformation produced pieces per year 52 collections – selling, get worn and Instagrammed enviably chic’s girl and that of models, actresses, bloggers, girl you look down Mercer Street. For a such collections loans the brand a decidedly French sensation composed Jeanne Damas. “Jeanne has such incredible personal style” Yael Aflalo, founder of the Reformation declared the Union “its French roots and vintage clothing create inspiration this incredibly chic 70s Parisian girl, this is really in line with what means reformation – she just gets it, and it has.”

Damas, in turn is a fan of the brand eco “by accident in one of the shops of New York the first time I went I thought it was the perfect memory with the most stylish and the perfect choice.” I wanted to buy everything!, “Damas explains.

Speaking more about the specifics, the Reformation x Jeanne Damas collection is collection inspired by Jeanne personal Parisian-style (classics never die!) and a few all sexy, effortlessly, and super easy to wear pieces – favorite vintage: the stripe tee, the miniskirt, the issued jeans, more flared jumpsuit and more! It contains Wintiled and Waveview dresses, Betton pants, tops, Shalimar and Callado dresses of the Mohawk, Tucson, and Bonilla skirts and body.

Despite the history of the inspiration you need to a Parisian or a Parisian-inspired woman wear reformation x Jeanne Damas. The pieces are loaded with history, but every woman reads it differently. The collection consists of flexible pieces, which remain unnoticed, never while appearing, natural and effortless. The collection is in stores today, and that’s a good reason for a much anticipated shopping mission!

The unique cooperation is prevailing fashion reminiscent of pieces to the ten years now – 1970s – the Strip-tea, the mini skirt, offers the torch-Jean and still flared jumpsuit. “For this collection, I wanted to stroll a season less approach with a 70 years woman in the eye, to reflect, which is natural and sexy, and dance in Arles [where the photo shoot took place], on a hot night.” See Damas on the goods, as they reformation today hit stores and

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