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Princess Shoes Liudmila Collection 2015

In the fashion of unbeatable reduced back, unadorned luxury in the foreground, at a time, Liudmila founder Najeeba Hayat is a lonely drum for eccentricity in the shoe shelves of department stores in the world. Inspired by Disney Princesses and Victorian decorating aesthetic is Liudmila as far as can the super-simple Luxe accessories article from labels like CĂ©line and Mansur Gavriel, who have become so popular in recent years – but that she claims is their selling point.

Princess Shoes Liudmila Collection 2015
Dream Princess Shoes Have One Name Liudmila-6

“The pros cons outweigh my opinion,” Hayat told us how they pick up visited London with retailers, contain the Browns now. “At the end of the day, you will hunt anything but their own ideas. You suffer from less uncertainty about your design, and thus stand out on the market because your product is never a compromise. A strong design identity allows not be overlooked on the shelf. Despite the industry, profession of faith preach that luxury consumers are sheep, in the direction of State objects gravitate, I find that over-saturated luxury customers in this market are actually looking for something special and really appreciate a new perspective. I have received none, my vision for an imaginary customer base make the enormously difficult world of the shoe, the stupid, boring and trend-driven to dilute. If numbers, owe you several hundred pounds for a pair of shoes I a piece of my imagination; I owe you my best!”

The brand with a name inspired by Hayat preferred (and appropriately dramatic) characters from the Russian literature – Liudmila rutilated Karim, one of the Central sisters in Fyodor Sologub the petty demon – 2013, whereupon Hayat their literature at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, follow their dream end founded full-time. A self-confessed “Shoe lexicon”, Hayat has been dreaming, Doodle and shoes in her head for cataloging, as long as she can remember.

“” If you ask me, “What were the shoes from Prada spring/summer collection 2007?” I would know I could draw for you, “she nodded enthusiastically. And now, for the love forward shoes, Hayat himself – drive and shoe in her Italian work – crazy as she seeks perfection.

“I have all my heels and takes from the front in the same factories that produce for Manolo Blahnik, Chanel and Prada,” she explained. “The takes were made and new, until they were on comfort level, which I wish.” What resulted were a near-perfect balance and an almost exact translation of my original sketches to the reality. My silhouettes are for hours, gently bent to the exact and accurate arch that now defines my brand so recognizable, because we shave millimeters from prototypes and created them for months. My factory owner Chief complaint is that my style of Leandra five times longer to make a different client needs as the shoe! Required months to this style in one piece pattern make and one desperate night, where I stayed in the factory to leave wines and rejection to make, just like the sketch until we to a solution after hours. We have found the solution, and as a result, this shoe is almost completely handmade. It couldn’t have been anywhere but in the best production in Italy: nowhere else they would have is something so difficult about the expertise or desire to make in the interest of beauty. For our first season custom dyed we all our Nappas matte colours from Peter Pan’s Mermaid Lagoon match exactly. The dream will only come alive when’s you everything you have. “Luxury is to go above and beyond the need to produce this feeling, which you love an inanimate object.”

Search for the right London showroom is high on the agenda for the coming year, as growth in Asia, a continent, the receptive will be colorfully painted for you, hopes bow and Pom Pom adorned quirky shoes.

“I want to create shoes that are super fun, light, graceful and beautiful but not precious,” she added. “I’m never above 100millimetres with heels because my shoes in the position must be to carry you through the day and to improve rather than hinder your life.” The Liudmila girl is an Escapist, a hiker, a fantastic love life, and she needs the sensual pleasures.”

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