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Pics Showing How Much Wedding Makeup a Bride can Transform

The beauty of the bride is at the top of every list in every wedding situation, right? It is common throughout the world that everyone is looking forward to seeing the bride, because this is the core of everything! And that’s why if you want one day your entire photo to be in place, this is your wedding day. Now the big question: what is all this about? My friends, this is cosmetics! Of course, choosing makeup for your wedding can seem like a daunting task. But believe us when we say that this is nothing compared to solving your seating arrangements or finding the missing RSVP.

While some brides choose natural makeup, others on their wedding day prefer complete glamour. 

Makeup artist Arbre Byte covers them for the latter bride category.

He is a Kosovo makeup artist specializing in making brides look their best at weddings.

Scroll further to see some of his amazing transformations of brides below and enjoy the views!

Some brides (and a growing number of grooms) on their wedding day

choose cosmetics from natural to complete charm.

Some brides do not prefer to wear any makeup.

Makeup artist Arbre Bitty includes them for brides that need a spectacular,  lively style that looks like it’s straight from the films.

Here are 11 pictures showing how for their big day he transforms brides.

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