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Photos that Show some Things that Never Change

We are all sure that time is going on very quickly and that it is difficult to trace it. But there are things that never alter: the powerful relationships of spouses, the dreams of children, and the love of our animals. And after comparing several pictures from our family albums, we realize how much we look like our parents, grandparents and even ourselves as kids. There is nothing like going through ancient images of babies, but what about recreating those hilarious photos years later. These funny families have done just that and the findings are hysterical .

Shows the most vivid proof that not everything changes in our life, and it’s wonderful. Ultimately, there is a bonus showing that some modifications are really crucial

Not Quite The Same Fit

What we love about these is that in both, even when they grow up, the father still looks worried about his children. All these years later, this is still as cute

After all these years, still sandy

Older brothers, whether they like it or not, always play matches with their younger siblings. One individual will always be buried when it comes to beach holidays, but what happens when your parents get engaged and bury both of you? The picture of recreation is very comic and demonstrates how unpleasant it is when you get older.

Some things don’t really change

This picture of the child is so funny. We’re wondering how long mom and dad had to wait to get a decent shot.

Amazing Attention To Detail

Irina Werning is an international photographer known for her series of photographs “Back to the Future,” where she helps adults recreate their favorite children’s photographs. “I’m going crazy with details,” she told The Daily Mail. “Every detail, every button, everything. I bought the fabrics, making sure they have the right texture and are able to fold as they do in the picture, and then I make them … and I bought a bike for one of the photos on eBay, and then made sure that I had all the places installed before how i arrived

Still BFFs

Ah, lust for the brother. They’ve just become a little more hipster chic with the same pose and comparable clothing styles. When it came time to recreate this sweet childhood photo, they murdered it completely — even wearing the shirts they wore in the initial image!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Recreated

Oh the shower pic for the sibling tub. We’ve had all those. These cute brothers are as unfamiliar now as they were the

Childhood dreams do come true

“My mom in her youth and me”