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Photographs Showing How Modern Technology Destroys us

Have you ever wondered how the world has changed, especially thanks to the field of technology? In recent decades, perhaps more development has occurred than at any other point in our civilization. The greatest concerns of our generation are currently associated with low battery and inaccessibility of Wi-Fi, family time was replaced by text messages on a mobile phone, personal meetings often gave way to video conferencing, post offices, mailboxes and physical activity. and sports for video games, selfies have become an obsession!

Today’s world is literally packed with technology. Almost every family has a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV, etc. Yes! We all agree that these things make our lives easier. But digital devices that were created to faithfully serve humanity have also shown their harmful effects on our lives. Now modern technology is in complete control of our lives. We have implemented advanced technologies, striving to get only advantages and completely ignoring the disadvantages.

The Generation that was Destroyed

Selfie Shoes

Don’t worry about me, but you should protect your phone

The last Whatsapp message

Multiple tasks at their finest

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