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Peter Jensen's Resort 2016 Collection

Inspired by Daniel Clowes Graphic Novel Ghost World and its film adaptation, starring Thora Birch as Enid’s protagonist, Peter Jensen resort it is 2016 a heavy 90’s influence – mixed with a dreamy comic-book aesthetic and a pinch of punk and even a retro feeling, as marked in the diner in the film. He said that it circumstances style, which was the most inspired him, because he believes a “item of the tomboy – that is, if a girl to me looks strongest.” As Peter Jensen business launched in 2001 in the life, he had no idea they were his dream girl in a cinema in its vicinity. That was the year the Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson appeared as Enid and Rebecca in Ghost World.

Peter Jensen's Resort 2016 Collection
Peter Jensen’s ‘Ghost World’ Inspired Resort 2016 Collection-9

It was just three months ago, that the designer finally saw the movie and realized how perfectly embodies Enid and Rebecca the innocent who still know quality that so quiet profit has been always the Jensen girls. And these girls have to think about him as his girlfriend of the time might have changed. If his collection for resort 2016 signs, the answer seems not much. Their naïve charm remains stained could be through experience. But over the years has it acquired Supreme confidence in their style and broke Jensen very effectively by the sophisticated lens everything he has learned since 2001. Edit with a finely honed 18 look directed a polished story of Pastel pink and blues, tomboyish sweats and tees, curled young girl Polos and Capris, drop-waisted Jersey dresses and sunflower twisted yellow with a fine Sheen Lurex Jacquard. Ghost pressure drew a swirly for the simple gown silhouette which is his bestseller, but it the ice cream cone will probably be (Enid and Rebecca spent days in a diner) the collection of grave beast motif. This fits with the sweetness, the Jensen’s calling card.

Nevertheless, Ghost World was a place with a dark edge, and there’s always a Tang to sweeten the sour in Jensen’s. A spirit printed Crêpe de chine dress with sleeves, spoke of the elbow, Sherilyn Fenn in twin peaks. Let us hope that she listens.

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